How to Craft a Bed in Terraria | Detailed Guide 2021

how to make a bed in terraria guide

You can talk for a very long time about all the possibilities and variety of objects in Terraria. Still, one item can be considered almost the most important one for crafting. Only thanks to it you can create a spawn point in your house. Yes, this object is a bed. Therefore, most new players have a completely logical question, “How to make a bed in Terraria, and what materials are needed?” Keep reading this guide and you will find the answer.

How to Craft a Bed in Terraria

To create a bed in Terraria, you will need a couple of ingredients: 

  • 15 Wood
  • 5 silk 
  • And a sawmill.

Finding wood is easy enough. You just need to cut down a couple of trees growing all over the world with an ax. Try to get as much as possible wood since in the future it will be needed to create other things.

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To create silk in Terraria, you need to have 7 spider webs (cobwebs) and a loom. The cobweb can be found in caves underground. There you need to act extremely carefully. Since it is quite dark in the caves and it is not known what can be found there, you should have torches and weapons with you.

After the cobweb is collected, you can start creating the loom. For this, you need 12 pieces of wood and a sawmill, which is also needed to create a bed. To craft a sawmill, you will need 10 wood, 2 iron, and a chain. Ingots can be obtained by melting the ore collected with a pickaxe.

And after all the ingredients and devices are collected, you can get a bed in Terraria. It should also be noted that there are many types of beds in the game. The type depends on the type of tree and the device which was used to create the bed.

This is everything you should know about a bed in Terraria. While you are here, make sure to read our guide on how to farm mana crystals in this game.

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How to Craft a Bed in Terraria | Detailed Guide 2021


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