The Hardmode in Terraria is where the real challenge starts. The boss fights get intense and the weapons keep getting powerful. One of the hardmode bosses that you will face is the Golem.

To summon and battle the Golem, you will first enter the Jungle Temple. The Golem is not an optional boss since it spawns the Lunatic Cultists at the dungeon entrance. To move forward in the game, you need to beat the Golem.

How to Access the Jungle Temple

The Jungle Temple can be accessed only after you defeat the Plantera. This is because the Lihzahrd Door can be unlocked by a key that is dropped by Plantera. This is the only proper way to enter the Jungle Temple.

A map of Jungle Temple (Terraria Wiki)

After entering the Jungle, you spot a few enemies. Slaying a Lihzahrd or two will get you a Lihzahrd Power Cell. Alternatively, you can flip open some chests to get the Power Cell.

Once you’re inside the Temple, you will have to make your way to the Lihzahrd Altar. Placing the power cell on the altar will summon the Golem.

How to Beat the Golem in Jungle Temple

For many, Golem is not at all a tough boss to beat. Golem is large in size, slow, and mostly sticks to the ground. Moreover, at this point, you will have a lot of weapons to choose from.

Melee weapons like Yoyos, whips, and more will be sufficient to beat the Golem. The best weapon to take down this boss is the Eye of Cthulhu Yoyo.

Image via Terraria Wiki

Since the fight area is limited, ranged and magic weapons are a bit difficult to use. However, Megashark will be a good ranged weapon. Chlorophyte and Hallowed Armor are fit for the Golem battle.

To make this fight easier, it would help if you have wings or any other item that boosts your mobility.

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Terraria: A Brief Guide to Jungle Temple


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