Given that you’re reading a mobile gaming site, it’s likely that you enjoy playing games. And it’s a safe bet that you like getting stuff for free, too. Who doesn’t?

TapChamp is your ticket to thrills of both the gaming and freebie-getting variety. Like a mobile gaming version of a cashback site, it lets you make money doing exactly what you would have been doing anyway. It’s an absolute no-brainer of a download. 

It works like this: once you install TapChamps you can register a new account through Google, Facebook, or even email. After you’ve got that simple step out of the way, TapChamp does the rest. All you need to do is have fun.

Playing games – which you have to play via the TapChamps app or widget – earns you Diamonds, and once you’ve amassed enough of these you can spend them on vouchers for a wide variety of different stores and services. 

These include Amazon, the Nintendo eShop, the PlayStation Store, the Xbox Games Store, eBay, and GameStop – basically, all of your favorite online shopping destinations. There’s a charitable option, too – TapChamps allows you to donate your Diamonds to Charity on Top. 

Just make sure and remember to boot up TapChamps before starting your game, or you’ll forgo the Diamonds you would have earned. 

In terms of the games on offer, TapChamps boasts a growing collection of titles across a range of genres, from ultra-casual to hardcore strategy. There’s Mafia City, Forge of Empires, Epic Seven, Go Knots 3D, Big Farm: Mobile Harvest, and more, with the promise of new games arriving on the app every week. 

Playing these games earns you Diamonds, but you can earn them in other ways too – by inviting friends to join the app, for instance, or by completing weekly tasks. Plus, there are regular opportunities to win real prizes, such as an iPad, a smartwatch, or a Nintendo Switch.

Not bad for doing a thing you would have been doing anyway. Download TapChamps for free right now on Google Play.


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