Tap Tycoon is the latest big thing here at Touch, Tap, Play and we’ve been playing it intensively since it’s launch. I have already written an article sharing some tips and tricks with you, but it’s also me who had the baddest luck with it: ever since Sunday morning, Tap Tycoon resets my progress to zero every time I start the game, basically erasing all my progress – upgrades, money and everything, leaving me with just the Prestige bonus and the Tech cards. Still, in this state, the game is pretty much unplayable and I am completely mad.

So what to do if Tap Tycoon resets and erases all your progress? Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do, but there are a few things you should try or workarounds that offer a temporary solution. None of them are great, none of them are ideal but that’s all that we have at the moment.

1. The only solution we managed to find to actually be able to play the game is to simply plug your device in and keep the game running. Never exit the game, never leave the app. This can really be called the worst thing to do, but right now it’s the only way to keep your progress until you prestige again. This is usually slightly easier over the night: do as much as you can in the game before going to bed (increase profits and upgrades), then let the app run over the night. When you wake up, Prestige, close the app, enjoy your time with your iPhone or iPad and do the same the other night. Not ideal, but a solution.

2. Contact the developers here. Write them an e-mail telling them about your problem – if they see how many people are affected by this insane bug, they will speed up the development of a patch to fix this insanely disturbing problem. The more people tell them about the bug, the faster they will probably solve it.

And unfortunately… that’s about it. Except for the really difficult to use fix suggested at #1, we don’t have much else to do but wait for the developers to fix their game and allow us to enjoy it fully and send soldiers to help our countries win the wars and us to get a ton of tech cards and goodies in the process.

We have contacted the game developers and we’ll let you know when and if we get a response for them. But I do believe that it will be something like “sorry about that, patch is coming soon!”

Are you experiencing the same problems with Tap Tycoon resetting progress every time you log in to the game? Did you manage to find any kind of solution to solve that problem? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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  1. Just started happening to me at 300T prestige. Droos to 73.45 whenever I exit. Considering I have been in the top 10% and about to crack top 5% for soldiers and now likely will not be able to I’m pretty much done.

  2. I opened the app once and all of my progress was deleted !!! I have sent an email to Gamehive but they don’t seem like they will do anything. This bug is completely annoying and it obviously makes people dump this game.


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