Tap Tycoon – Country vs Country comes with a really interesting concept: it takes the already addictive endless tapping genre and turns it into a country vs. country challenge. Now you don’t only expand your business in order to make more and more money, level up and unlock new skills, but also to help your country against the others. And although the concept is a bit flawed (many individual countries are grouped in an “union” while others are left alone with no real chance to win), it still is a lot of fun and even though you might not be part of the winning country, you can still get a ton of rewards and do your best to improve your game and your country’s score. For that, we are here with some Tap Tycoon – Country vs Country cheats and tips that will help you get the most from the game.

So let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out below the Tap Tycoon tips and cheats!


1. The game is basically divided in two stages: the early stage (when you start from scratch) and the advanced stage. Each one should be played a bit differently, and we’ll talk about how to handle each one below:

The early stage: Stay in-game for as long as possible. Upgrade your tap revenue as much as possible, because that will be your main source of income. Regularly, purchase businesses: start with the first three, then take them to level 10, ideally 25. If possible, get any auto collectors you can during the time, while continuing to upgrade your tap income (and keep tapping). The first stage ends, in my opinion, as soon as you get the Hotel (don’t invest in more!) and upgrade it to level 10. You should have three auto-collects unlocked now.

The second stage: Take a 20 minutes break and get back to the game. Now you have to focus a bit on making money from the businesses and it’s also the ones you have already unlocked that you should focus on improving. Upgrade the first three to 100 (level 50 and then level 100 increase speed) then work on upgrading the next two as well. Start buying the unlockables and take your Tap upgrades to around level 350 – 400 to get decent money per tap. From now on, your main focus will be upgrading businesses because they will generate more than the regular taps – in the long run.

2. Get the presents!
Every now and then, a guy with a jetpack, holding a gift box, will appear on the screen. Tap the guy and you will get a bonus, from increased revenue per tap, to a pile or cash or temporary business upgrades.

3. Get free diamonds
Diamonds are awarded for free, but you need a ton of them for the Tech Cards. But you can get 50 for free if you follow the game on Twitter and Facebook. You have to do this for the free diamonds! Also, check out the Achievements to earn even more free diamonds.

4. Use the Superchargers
As you play, you will unlock more and more Special Skills known as Superchargers. There is a total of 5 of them, and each are extremely useful. They do have a cooldown period, so make sure that you use them as soon as possible in order to get the most out of them.

5. What are Tech Cards?
Tech cards are special items that help you improve your game a ton. You win the Tech Cards in Wars, or you can spend Diamonds to get them – but they are pretty expensive. So I recommend performing well in the weekly wars and you will get random tech cards that will improve your game.

6. How to Prestige
When you Presige, you send soldiers to help your country win the upcoming war. You need a minimum of 20T in order to prestige once, so you do have to be active for a little while. Things get easier and easier with each new reset, so the more active you are, the easier it will be for you to prestige faster and make a ton more money after the resets, so it pays to be active!

7. Be smart when spending Diamonds
You can spend your premium currency on Tech Cards (which are pretty expensive), but also on Perks. One of them is Make it Rain, which rewards you with 24 hours worth of income. If you really want to do that, make sure that you do it when your businesses are maxed out or of a really high level, otherwise you’ll be just wasting Diamonds!

These would be, for now, our Tap Tycoon tips and cheats. If you have anything else to add, let us know in the comment section below!



  1. Tip 1:
    When carrying out “Make it Rain” after reading tip 7 above, activate all your skills first. This boost your earning per seconds temporarily forcing the “Make it Rain” 24 hours calculations to be X times larger depending on your skill multiplier amount.

    Tip 2:
    When activating your skills, click on circle 2, 3, 4, 5 when there is a jetpack man floating in sky with suitcase. Click on suitcase, then before suitcase lands, click circle 1. Clicking circle 1 last is takes into account of the boost of circle 2,3,4,5 so you’ll get X times more reward. You’ll also be rewarded with either a video worth multiple times more than usual or a boost cash amount again caused by the boost.

    • I noticed that the video, however, will not reward you as much as it says if the video will end after the countdown of the boosters. In other words, you’re still getting the video reward based on your actual, and not boosted earnings.

  2. How about an army, since I have a war in 20 hours and I can’t buy any kind of solider and there is no explaination, the only sort-of answer was that you get a higher bonus if you send more soliders


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