My experience with Tap Tycoon has been insane and intense, even though relatively short lived because of the annoying bug that resets all my game progress every time I log in to play. However, the problem will surely get fixed sooner rather than later and until then you can still learn a lot about the game. And two extremely important things are the Tap Tycoon Prestige mechanic and Tech Cards. We’re going to cover both in this article, and we’ll start with a short but complete guide to prestige in Tap Tycoon.

So what is Prestige in Tap Tycoon and how to do it properly?

Whenever you reach 20 Trillion in cash in the game, you can Prestige. This means that you basically reset your entire progress in the game and start from scratch. Why would you like to do such a crazy thing? Well, because when you Prestige, first of all, you also send a number of Soldiers to help your country in the weekly “wars”: the country with the highest number of soldiers wins the war and receives bonuses that make it a lot easier to play the game in the future (as in better, faster, bigger profits).

But that’s not the only reason to Prestige! Every time you do it, you get a Prestige Bonus which increases your performance in the game, making it a lot easier to upgrade and progress. If during the first playthrough it takes you probably an hour of constant play time to get the Hotel upgraded to level 10, after you prestige the first time (depending when you do it), it will only take you 10-15 minutes. And every time you prestige, things get even easier, so it’s really worth doing it.

When to Prestige in Tap Tycoon? I would personally suggest to try and find the right balance and Prestige exactly when you get the most Prestige points, without delaying it too much. If you waste too much time waiting to Prestige, you will actually lose money, so it’s a bit better to Prestige slightly earlier than to wait for too long, because after each Prestige, it gets a lot easier. I would personally suggest the 50% value technique and increase that, which means that you should always Prestige when you reach at least 50% more your previous Prestige amount. For example, if your first prestige is at $30 Trillion, do the next one at $45 Trillion, and the next one and $90 Trillion and so on. Increase the value based on the Prestige you’d gain. Another probably easier method would be to prestige every two days. See which works better for you and apply that technique!

How to get more Tech Cards in Tap Tycoon?

Tech Cards are extremely important in the game because they offer you all sorts of bonuses that help you earn even more money. The easiest way to get them is to spend 200 Diamonds on them, but getting the Diamonds for free takes some time – however, you should not spend them on anything else, in my opinion. Wait to get 200, then invest them in Tech Cards, then keep on doing the same.

Also, you will get Tech Cards the first time you Prestige (so the bigger your value then, the more Tech Cards you get), as well as after every new war. The better you perform in the war (the more soldiers you send), the better your rewards, so it pays to be one of the best and most active players, in order to progress even faster. Also, we believe that shortly the developers will offer us other special ways to earn more Tech Cards, so always keep your eyes open for new methods to get more of those goodies!

So how many Tech Cards did you manage to get? Do you have a special technique for getting as many as possible? Let us know by commenting below!


  1. I’ve been playing for 2 days straight it’s so addicting. Thanks for the info bro! I prestiged about 5 times yesterday and I’m in the “AC” to prestige. Wish I would’ve taken your advice about the 200 diamonds sooner. I’d have twice as many tech cards! Also quick tip. If you prestiged as many times as me or more, instead of upgrading your businesses 1 at a time, go down in sequence and upgrade them 100 at a time for your profit to skyrocket within the first 5 minutes you’ll have over 999trillion.

    • It’s not something I can do :) You get the tech cards when you prestige simply based on the cash you have on hand when you prestige. You also get tech cards in wars.

    • I agree… some sort of “alliances” should be made, because there are a ton of countries that have absolutely no chance. As it stands like now, the US, the “Rest of the world” and Canada will always battle for the three positions and nobody else will stand a change. It would be really nice if they managed to change that somehow.

    • I think the more players in a country the less the bonus. So the USA gets lets of a bonus due to high amount of players whereas the countries with less contributors get more bonuses per contribution. I believe this is how it works. Otherwise I can’t imagine them releasing a system this broken because the U.S. will always trump the rest of the world in sheer numbers.

    • I know why, they made it so you get a bonus for the higher you get, but if that happens than the next week they will get more soldiers and it’s an endless loop, I’m from Uk and I hate it

    • I disagree with Lulz because that means that there is no way to track which players are active and which aren’t meaning that form of equaling the playing field doesn’t work. I do think it needs a revamp but not like that.

  2. I haver a problem.

    Firts time, when i tap prestige, its give me a few tech cards.
    But now i tap prestige more than 6 times, but its dont give me more card.
    why? The game write to me, if i prestige , its give me + “x”= prestige bonus, and 1 or 2 tech card. its give me the prestige bonus, but he forget the cards. Why?

    • You need to reach a certain net worth each time to get it, it can be seen in the help page. Where it says you obtain Tec cards at 1E23(for example), that means obtaining another Tec card when your net worth is 1 with 23 (zeroes) at the back.

  3. I been play a lot of idle, tap gamrs….

    For this game…keep prestiging.. If 21 Tera minimum… Prestige it. Because if you prestiging at 50 Tera….next prestige minimum will near 50 Tera….
    Keep prestiging at low net….to gain more prestiging bonus.every prestige….
    more prestige = higher percentage= faster prestiging= more money per collect

  4. prestige doesnt work for me. it always says: you´ll need an internet connection to prestige. but my internet is on and working. i really dont know what i have to do, to make it work.

  5. Ive been playing a long time. There is usually a balance, if u notice ur idle income after day, an 8 hr work day only gets u 1 upgrade,it’s time to prestige. That’s when i know.. As far as the Internet connection i run into that if my signal is low. I restart my phone and that works. Net worth goes based off ur total. Cash on hand and businesses. My net worth currently is 38al and i have 3al cash. I’ll prestige in the morning since after work my idle income was only enough for 1 upgrade. Y wait? Becuz i won’t get nearly the amount of idle income overnight if i prestige now and play a lil before bed. My net worth will soon be in the am bracket. I’m far above the 60% for war tech cards. Hope this helps

  6. I think the more you prestige, the less soldiers you send.
    You jave to wait with prestige, until the game creeps by, to send most soldiers.
    Also, the game card bonuses don’t always work. I’m within the first 60%, and did not receive a card for it (though it says I should have).
    Also, cards now are 500 diamonds, not 200.

  7. I’m in as and it says I’m in the top 10%. After a certain update I would get my tech cards once the war was over and now I don’t get them at all. Is this a bug or is the game ripping me off?

  8. prestige and card shop doesnt work for me. it always says: you´ll need an internet connection to prestige. but my internet is on and working. i really dont know what i have to do, to make it work.

  9. how can I understand how much prestige miss me to reach my last prestige value ?
    The game tell me that I have to reach 42.26 AO but I don’t know how much miss me to the goal .

  10. I have a suggestion for cards. After you’ve been playing for some time and have a few tech cards laying around, figure out which business gives the most profit and only buy tech cards for that business. If you do that then like me you can have it where your total business profit is 2.07ar but your resturant makes up 2.05ar of it.

    If you do that with one or two businesses then your profits will skyrocket and you can get more prefit for the price of less cards.

  11. Looking to join an investment group with an active chat that has fun but takes the game serious and helps push each other along feel free to join ours!

    Name: MoneySappers
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    Our current group wealth is $1,111
    We take challenges seriously and are up to 136

    Looking forward to having you. We also have knowledgable members and help each other with questions :)

  12. Just started a new group for mid level players looking to work together to rise in wealth.

    Name: DiamondDigs
    Required Wealth 48 (hope to increase as a group)

    Completing challenges is expected and we can rotate who finds the investment each night so everyone makes the most profit of it with more chances of getting it right. Looking for fun players who enjoy the game but also work hard at the same time to raise our wealth and increase our position on the leaderboard. This is my second account at level 55 with my first at level 256, so you can see I plan on growing big. Hope to see you soon! I ps I check in during the day but have a few solid hours in the evening est time if you need me in the group. Feel free to leave messages!

  13. One thing you forgot to mention in yout guide is that you only need a net worth of the amount to get a prestige, not the actual cash. That makes it easier since you net worth is more. I recommend doing pestige as often as possible. I do and I have to make a net worth in th af now. But make sure you businesses are at least level 10so you can get the bonus.


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