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Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna Relics Guide

Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna Relics Guide
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In Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna, relics are not just a phrase to call someone old. Instead, they’re items that are important to boosting your battle stats. Getting them can be tricky, but here’s what you need to do for relics in Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna.

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How To Get Relics Through Rebirth In Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna

This game is unique because the point of it is to restart to get further. Everything in Little Knight Luna revolves around the rebirth mechanic. It’s the mother brain of the entire game because the more you recycle your route, the better rewards you’ll get, including relics. You have to rebirth in order to increase your team level which is the key to unlocking other things in the game.

How To Unlock The Relics Gacha In Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna

Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna
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Rebirthing and relics are in fact, the two most connected mechanics in the game. When you get to a certain level, you’ll be able to access the relics gacha.

This is where you can collect certain items which will give you benefits such as extra attack power. Each time you rebirth, you’ll get currency to use in the relics gacha. Keep in mind that the cost for it will go up as you get stronger.

How To Level Up Relics In Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna

You can also omit pulling if you choose to do so and use the currency to level the relics you have on hand. This is a good option when you become an experienced player and find yourself happy with the items you’ve collected.

Relics are there to boost your attack as a combined force, so the more you have, the more your attack bonus percentage will be. For this reason, new players should try to get as many as they can in order to finish battles faster. There’s a limit to how many you can have but it’s fairly generous and the game’s collection system doesn’t really allow for pile-up.

Older players can still pull for them but may in every other cycle. Remember that it’s just as important to level the ones you have as it is to collect them.

Use relics and other special items to strengthen yourself and battle tons of enemies in Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna today!

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Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna Relics Guide