Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna
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Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna Strategy Guide | Tips, Cheats, and More

This is all you need to know on how to play Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna, including the best tips and strategies.

Have you ever imagined what a game with a Groundhog Day-like twist would be like? In Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna, everything you do is based around how much you reincarnate.

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You play a mysterious adventurer whose duty is to beat monsters through the help of their companions. It’s your typical knight’s quest, but there are a few twists that you should be aware of. If you’re in need of some preparation, these are all the tips that can help you be successful in Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna.

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How to play Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna

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This mobile title is something of a hybrid between an idle game and an adventure game. Everything you do is based on the central idle mini-game in the main screen: as you progress there, you unlock other things. Battles there are also connected to the rebirth mechanic, which sets the foundation for the gameplay.

How to get battle items in Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna

To help you battle better, you equip a grimoire, a ring, a rune, and a skill; all of these are locked behind individual gacha portals where you have to do pulls. For this, tap the treasure chest icon at the bottom right side of the screen and choose the category you want to roll.

To view all of your items from one category, go back to the main screen and tap on the equipped one. This where you can level an item, synthesize it, equip or reset it. And fine-tuned equipped items mean faster progress in battles. As you play through the game, you can unlock slots to equip more skills, which you can view and level up by tapping on the skills button in the main screen.

How to rebirth in Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna

When you make it to certain level milestones in the main battle area, you’re supposed to rebirth. This resets some of your progress, but depending on how deep you got, it starts you at a certain level way past that of a beginner. For every 100 levels you get to, you increase your team level a little more upon rebirth.

You need to rebirth in order to make permanent progression. A higher team levels allow you to unlock the farming components in the game that help you get important resources. Since you get rewarded for rebirthing at higher levels, make sure to stay in a cycle as deep as you possibly can.

How to farm in Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna

Your dailies can be found by tapping the skeleton icon in the middle of the bottom panel. Here you can do the story quests, as well as playing for items in the Daily Dungeon and Constellation Lake. To save time, you can choose the sweep icon, which knocks out all nodes at once.

How to level adventurers in Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna

When you’re playing, you can bring other adventurers to your side for help in battle. But every time you rebirth, you have to put them back in your roster and level them up again.

To do this, tap the category at the bottom that looks like a bear. Tap Receive All to put the characters there, then tap Level All to boost them up again. Make sure to periodically boost your stats as well. You can know if it’s possible to do that when you see an exclamation point by the Stat Up category box.

Overall, Little Knight Luna is a fun idle game that doesn’t require a lot of skills or effort, but still has that “adventure” feel. Give it a try today!

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Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna Strategy Guide | Tips, Cheats, and More