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Tap Civilization: Hidden Achievements List & List of Eras

Tap Civilization: Hidden Achievements List & List of Eras

If you’ve been playing Tap Civilization for a while now, you probably know that there are a bunch of hidden achievements that you can unlock in the game. However, since they are hidden, you don’t know what they are and what you need to do to get them.

In today’s article, I will help you find out what the hidden achievements are in Tap Civilization by listing them below. Don’t read if you don’t like spoilers!

Tap Civilization

Also, I am going to share another list: this time a complete list of the eras available in the game. At the moment of writing, you will see that there is still a lot of room for improvements and new eras in Tap Civilization.

Actually, since it’s less spoilery that the list of hidden achievements, we’ll start with listing the Eras you can go through at the moment in the game, as well as tech available in each:

Tap Civilization: List of Eras to Unlock

Tap Civilization Eras

1. Savage Era: 2 Tech
2. Dawn Era: 10 Tech
3. Stone Era: 17 Tech
4. Agricultural Era: 18 Tech
5. Bronze Era: 19 Tech
6. Classical Era: 21 Tech
7. Iron Era: 22 Tech
8. Hero Era: 24 Tech
9. Castle Era: 27 Tech
10. Nautical Era: 29 Tech

The game will most likely receive new eras in future updates. If you have information about in-game eras that weren’t listed above, don’t hesitate to let us all know!

Now that we know what the eras are, let’s move on to the hidden achievements and how to get them!

Tap Civilization: Hidden Achievements List

Tap Civilization hidden achievements

There are currently 18 achievements that we know of. There might be more, but we believe that the list is complete at the moment. Do let us know if you have a hidden achievement that is not listed below!

  1. An Unexpected Fall – Defeated by an inferior opponent for 1 time
  2. An Unexpected Fall II – Defeated by an inferior opponent for 10 times
  3. Autocrat – Happiness level: Irate
  4. Cheerleaders – Fight a battle with 6666 soldiers
  5. Digital Life – Fight a battle with 12345 soldiers
  6. Going Riot – Fight a battle with 709394 soldiers
  7. Great Collector – Own 20 luxuries
  8. Hardworking – Gather 30k times
  9. Hunting Rabbits! – Hunt 99 hares
  10. Kind-hearted I – Release any 1 prey
  11. Kind-hearted II – Release any 20 preys
  12. Lazy Gospel – Use auto-hiring feature 100 times
  13. Love Rabbit Messenger – Release 12 hares
  14. Slippery Soap – Build 9999 bath pool
  15. Sparta – Fight a battle with 300 soldiers
  16. Tyrapits – Happiness level: Collapse
  17. Wolf Slayer – Hunt 11 wolves
  18. Wrong Clicked – Lose 10 battles

And this would be it for the list of hidden achievements in Tap Civilization, as well as the answer to the burning question: how many eras are there in the game at the moment.

Don’t forget to check out our Tap Civilization guide if you need more help or just some advice on how to play better. And, of course, if you have any additional comments or questions, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.

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Tap Civilization: Hidden Achievements List & List of Eras



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