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Tales of Wind Cleric Guide – Priest & Ranger

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

Acting like a savior standing in the back line, we present to you the Cleric! The support class in Tales of Wind which will keep your team mates alive and make it harder for the enemies! So if you followed our Warrior guide and Mage guide, you probably knew that this one was coming! 

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In today’s article we will tell you everything that you need to know about the Cleric in Tales of Wind, and give you a full Cleric guide! So if you want to learn all about the Cleric, as well as its promotion classes, the Priest and Ranger, then let us dive right into it! 

Tales of Wind – Cleric Class

The Cleric is the foundation class, which is a very safe and reliable class late game, after class promotion especially, but doesn’t lack the healing abilities early on either! So it is an overall super useful and good class, which once learned, can be considered quite strong. 

Even if the Cleric is not yet promoted to Priest, they still has a lot of healing in their kit and they can make amazing companions to any team. Basically the Cleric will sit in the back line and just take their time timing their skills right to heal the allies in range, while also from time to time poison the enemy to inflict damage over time.


– Power of Nature: Unleashes vines to attack the enemies in range, dealing damage multiple times and poisoning the enemies. 

– Nature’s Prayer: Calls forth the power of nature to heal multiple allies for a great amount of health.

– Song of the Forest: This skill heals the nearby allies over time.

With Nature’s Prayer and Song of the Forest the Cleric (and afterwards the Priest, with Enhanced Nature’s Prayer and Song of the Forest) can keep their team mates healed almost continuously, so if you pair them with a powerful Paladin in the front line, they will make a great combo which will be very difficult to defeat. 

Tales of Wind – Priest Class

This is the ultimate support to any team, one which can turn the tides of battle in a matter of seconds. While it provides continuous healing as well as huge one time heal, they also have the ability to make allies invincible for a few seconds and dispelling any negative effects. 

Since it takes a bit of practice to become a good Priest, like it usually is with the supports in any game, if you decide to play a Priest you need to know that you should always be prepared to use your skills at the right time, because if your team takes a huge amount of damage and all of your skills are on cooldown, it might not be that good.

This makes a Priest a little bit difficult to play sometimes, because especially in PvP and boss battles, it can be a matter of life and death. I suggest always having a heal ready at all times, and rarely use the auto play, because it might end up casting the skills when you don’t actually need to use them, which can result in a big waste.


– Bathe in Light: Light beans shoot down from the sky making nearby allies invincible and healing them for some HP.

– Enhanced Nature’s Prayer: Calls forth the power of nature to heal multiple allies for a great amount of health, while also dispelling negative statuses from them.

– Song of the Forest: This skill heals the nearby allies over time.

Usually the Priests don’t have a lot of damage, so the best thing you could do is try to increase your HP, defense and other such defensive stats instead of focusing on the Attack, because that will not be that useful in my opinion.

Tales of Wind – Ranger Class

The Ranger is a more… unconventional Cleric, as this one has very little healing and support, and more damage and buffs / debuffs. It can be good sometimes, but in my opinion you can benefit more from playing a Mage for the crowd control rather than the Ranger, which falls somewhere in between.

Since the Ranger has both damage and some support, you will be a good asset to the team, but obviously won’t make such a big impact as a Priest. Either way, it has a kinda unique play style combining many things: healing, buffing, damage dealing and summons. 


– Fairy Arrow: Fires at the enemies, dealing damage multiple times to the enemies in a line.

Enhanced Song of the Forest: This skill heals the nearby allies over time, and buffs them, increasing the damage they deal.

– Praise of Blossom: Summons a gigantic fairy flower which deals damage to the enemies in range.

This will be everything about our Tales of Wind Cleric class guide! Do you like the class?

Don’t forget to take a look at our Tales of Wind game guide to learn more about the game and become a better player, and also our class promotion guide

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