Tag With Ryan Cheats: Tips & Guide to Collect All Boosts & Costumes

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These Tag With Ryan tips and cheats we are going to share with you in today’s article will help you get through the game much smoother and faster than you’d think possible! If you like games that require your attention a lot and need you to have cheetah-like reflexes, then you will probably not need these tips a lot, but if you are as normal as the next person, then these will greatly benefit you!

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Since not everybody is born to ace these games and go on forever without as much as blinking when going over the obstacles, here you can see me struggling to collect those suns, but failing miserably. Could as well call this video “How not to play Tag With Ryan”, but that wouldn’t be so great now, would it?

Either way, you should definitely follow what we suggest here, because in theory these tips will help you quite a lot throughout the game. In what regards the practical part, it all depends on how quickly you can react to the environment changing around you.

So, without further ado, let’s get right into the Tag With Ryan tips and tricks!

Complete the daily missions

You will have 3 new daily missions every day. Make sure you complete them because they are really easy (for example collect X amounts of suns, or pick up X amounts of buckets of popcorn) and you can finish them if you just pay a little bit attention to the game.

The daily missions that require you to collect “exactly” X amounts of suns will need you to bang into a wall or die somehow after collect that amount, because else the mission will fail. I suggest paying quite a lot of attention to these, and if you think that you can’t do it, just skip it.

The missions can be skipped with the cost of 5 Pizzas. It’s kind of a waste honestly, but if you don’t mind letting the delicious pizza go to waste this way, then skip them. I wouldn’t do it personally because there are much better uses of the Pizzas.

Complete achievements for keys

There are a total of 19 achievements. Each one of them will reward you with keys upon completion, and the missions are these:

Let it shine: Use the Sun Multiplier Power-up 25 times.
Slider: Slide under 250 obstacles.
Hoppin: Hop over 1,000 obstacles.
Rags to Riches: Pick up 25,000 Suns.
Magnetic Personality: Use the Magnet Power-Up 25 times.
Tag: Tag a total of 15 Ryan costumes.
Marathon: Run a total distance of 1,000,000.
Blocked: Use the Shield Power-Up 25 times.
Springtime: Use the Spring Shoes Power-Up 25 times.
Triathlete: Run a total distance of 100,000,000.
Rarest of them all: Tag a total of 5 rare Ryan costumes.
Ice cream social: Pick up 10 ice cream cones.
Costume corner: Play in the Pirate T-Shirt Ryan costume.
Precisely: Pick up exactly 244 Suns in a single run.
Slide & Slip: Slide under 100 obstacles in the Cap’n Ryan costume.
So hoppy: Jump over 100 obstacles in Karate Ryan costume.
Super rare: Tag a total of 2 super rare Ryan costumes.
Beep Beep: Travel 50,000 distance in the Go Kart.
Beam me up: Use the Tractor Beam Power-Up 25 times.

These are the missions for the first stages. The number increase as you complete them, so good luck collecting all the necessary stuff!

Play to find chests

Sometimes when you are playing you will notice a big coffer on your screen on either one of the lanes. Just run over to it and bump into it, because that is how you collect those chests! They contain many useful stuff, so make sure you play a lot because even if they don’t show up at start, they will eventually!

Pick up attractors throughout the game

Attractors are some little boosters that will help you attract (as the name suggests) costumes! They can be found by playing, or unlocked with pizzas. If you choose to unlock them with pizzas, the price isn’t that low, so you might consider just playing.

These attractors are:

Checkered Flag: Used to attract Racer Ryan costumes.
Shooting Star: Used to attract Astronaut Ryan costumes.
Soccer Ball: Used to attract T-Shirt Ryan costumes.
Propeller: Used to attract Pilot Ryan costumes.
Lightning Bolt: Used to attract Hero Ryan costumes.
Hammer: Used to attract Worker Ryan costumes.
Pirate Hook: Used to attract Pirate Ryan costumes.
Seashell: Used to attract Diver Ryan costumes.
Nunchucks: Used to attract Martial Arts Ryan costumes.
Bolt: Used to attract Robot Ryan costumes.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you have an attractor equipped, you can tag Gus and you’re guaranteed to get that specific Ryan Costume type. Also, whenever you have an attractor equipped, Gus will show up more often! It’s definitely worth collecting and equipping them if you want to collect all those Ryan costumes!

Missing a specific costume?

If you are missing a specific costume, then make sure you use the boost that will attract that particular costume, and keep playing to increase your chances of getting them. The rare costumes are (as the name suggests) much more rare to encounter than the others, so it might require you to try several times!

Upgrade costumes for better boosts

Each of the costumes has 3 sections that can be upgraded with Suns. Once you collect the desired costume make sure you upgrade those stats and farm more Suns, because they will make a world of difference!

It’s much better to go for the Sun Bonus every time in my opinion, because once you upgrade that the incoming Suns you collect will increase and it’s going to make further upgrades much easier.

Plan your route ahead

You can’t see much of the road ahead of you when in game, but as little as you can see, try to think a couple of seconds ahead. It’s best if you see those boosts and not run past them, but rather have a route in your mind that will go through as many suns and boosts and attractors as possible.

I suggest taking a deep breath and playing relaxed, because the more tense you are, the more likely you are to mess up and end up hitting a block or something. It’s good to keep a cool head and play as relaxed as you can.

Get more pizza!

Pizzas can be collected from playing or, if you feel like spending a couple of bucks, through the in-game store. They are used to buy many useful things in game, but also used for reviving you in case you died, let’s say, in front of a box (like I did in the video, no hard feelings).

The best things you could use the Pizza slices for are upgrading your costumes. They will cost quite a lot, so make sure you take your time and gather as many as you can because with patience, little Padawan runner, everything will come your way!

I suggest that whenever you see a slice, go right ahead and take it! You never know when you will be one slice short of making an epic resurrection or collecting a rare costume!

Resurrect for free

Sometimes you will be able to resurrect for free if you take your time to watch an advertisement. This option will not always be available, so I suggest not wasting it if you died at the start or in a situation where it’s not such a big deal if you start over.

It’s best to use this once you know that you can reach a costume or a box or something important for an achievement.

Also, don’t forget to check our Tag With Ryan guide to all costumes in the game, so you can take a look at the complete list of costumes you can acquire for little Ryan!

These are all the Tag With Ryan tips and tricks we have for you guys right now, but if you know some other cool things that we haven’t mentioned, make sure you leave them down in the comments below to be shared with all the Tag With Ryan enthusiasts!

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Tag With Ryan Cheats: Tips & Guide to Collect All Boosts & Costumes

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