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Prepare to fight the horde! is a mobile game that puts the player in the shoes of a brave hero fighting against zombies to save their city. In the game, you must use a combination of skills, weapons, and tactics to survive the onslaught of zombie hordes that will attempt to cut your game short. This article will provide you with a ranked list of the best skills in that will help you fight off the horde of zombies and survive.

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ball skill
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Normal skills are the skills you will generally get at the start of a game. You can level these up to level five and combine them with supply skills to create an Evo -skill.

5. Soccer Ball

The Soccer Ball allows players to shoot balls that inflict significant damage and bounce off enemies. But, of course, the ball will eventually vanish after a while. It is great for dealing single target damage however, you will need to level it more for it to really shine.

4. Drill Shot

The Drill shot unleashes powerful bouncing drills that pierce through enemies. These drills will vanish after some time. When it evolved, it became the whistling arrow. It’s ability to pierce and hit multiple enemies in a line. However, it suffers from the same issue that the Soccer Ball does, you need to level it up first for it to pack a punch.

3. Molotov

The Molotov allows the player to throw bottles that explode into an AOE of fire that deals continuous damage to enemies that walk through it. The Molotov can deal really heavy damage in an area. It is great for dealing with hordes however, it’s not the most reliable skill early as its shots drop in random places around you, but when you get  it to level 3 then it becomes really good.

2. Forcefield

The Forcefield emits a field around you that deals continuous damage and knocks back enemies. It is definitely one of the best Skills in the game. It can trivialize the first few waves allowing you to focus on building for late game.

1. Guardian

The Guardian sends out discs that spin around you, block projectiles, deal damage, and knock enemies back. This skill is awesome, it can easily wipe hordes. The guardian combined with the Forcefield  can even carry you late game. However, Normal Skills can only take you so far.

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Evo-skills are skills you can get by upgrading a normal skill to level five and combining it with a supply skill. Below are the five best Evo-skills you can get in the game.

5. Quantum Ball

The Quantum Ball allows the player to shoot Metal balls that bounce from enemy to enemy. This is great for mobs and can deal massive damage to a single target, making it great for bosses.

4. Fuel Barrel

The Fuel Barrel allows you to throw barrels of fuel in a clockwise spiral outwards from your character that explodes into a blue flame that incinerates enemies around you. It also leaves an AOE of blue fire that deals continuous damage.

3. Supercell

The Supercell calls down yellow lasers from the sky to obliterate enemy mobs around the screen. It is excellent for dealing with bosses from a distance. Allowing you to avoid unnecessary damage.

2. Inferno Bomb

The inferno bomb can deal the most damage in the game. Plant bombs around you that explode in a fiery inferno when enemies get close. This skill is also great for dealing with bosses, as you can lead them to the bombs and deal considerable damage.

1. Destroyer

The Destroyer shoots a continuous barrage of missiles at the closest enemy. This skill is a beast, it can easily deal with hordes with its missiles annihilating them and most bosses. This makes the Destroyer the best Evo-Skill that you definitely what you want to have with you.

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