What Does Evo Mean in Survivor.io – Evo Meaning Guide


Survivor.io is a single player casual action game available to play on mobile. Published by Habby, the free-to-play IO game is a great time-killer app for players age 10 and up. Survivor.io requires players to be a hero and save the city from zombie hoards, taking up weapons with other survivors and clearing the map. Levelling up is key in Survivor.io, so you will need to know all about evolving weaponry. Check out the guide below and see what does Evo mean in Survivor.io – Evo meaning guide!

Evo Guide – How to Evolve Weapons

In Survivor.io, players go through each game trying to survive and collecting crytals of different colours. These crystals can be used to level up skills, making you more powerful when you face the next hoard of zombies. Each of the skills ready to level up will have the word ‘EVO’ under it, with a weapon symbol beside it.

The word EVO and the weapon icon beside it shows which skill you will need to level up in order to evolve (upgrade) that particular weapon. Upgrading, or evolving, weapons is essential to make sure you can clear the next stage of Survivor.io.

Survivor.io Evo Skills

Weapons can only be evolved when the weapon is at 5 stars, and you have the weapon’s supply skill. Once the weapon is fully evolved, the skill shows as having one red star and cannot be purchased any more.

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Check out the image below to see each weapon’s required supply skill and what it evolves into. The credit for the image goes to the Survivor.io Official Discord.

Survivor.io Evo Chart (via Survivor.io Discord)

That is everything about what Evo means in Survivor.io! Next up, why not check out the full list of weapons available in Survivor.io? Good luck!

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What Does Evo Mean in Survivor.io – Evo Meaning Guide


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