Last week, Bossa Studios released their popular game on iOS devices everywhere. That’s right, Surgeon Simulator is now on the App Store! After gaining a massive following online, Surgeon Simulator is one of the most talked about games. After playing it on PC, I decided to pick it up for my iPad and test my skills.

If you aren’t familiar with the game, the point is that you are surgeon assigned to various surgeries around the hospital. On iOS devices, the game has you use two fingers to pick up and move the various tools around. Like the PC version, this still proves to be very difficult, even without the clunky hand. I found it was very hard to rotate the tools to the position I needed them in, even with the tutorial in the beginning. I had hope that the gameplay would be slightly more easier than on PC, but the fact that it is the same I found slightly disappointing.

Even though I feel like the gameplay could be slightly improved, I am still overjoyed and happy with the way this game came out. Bossa Studios had the iOS exclusive dental levels, which I am excited to get to. The chaos and humor from playing the PC game transfer well to mobile devices. The easter-eggs on the main title screen are a fun way to pass the time between surgeries. I love the fact there are little games to play on the phone on your desk, including a spoof of Flappy Bird. The phone also provides quick little guides to the surgeries, making sure players can get through the game with ease.

This game is totally deserving of the 5 stars I am giving it. Bossa Studios did an excellent job of transferring the fun from the PC version to iOS devices. I would recommend this game to anyone who is looking for an intense game for on the go.

Surgeon Simulator on the App Store

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  1. The gameplay could be “slightly improved”!? There IS no gameplay. The controls are so poorly done that even calling them “controls” is too generous. That “joke” is funny for about five seconds – ie, not even long enough to finish reading the review. Save yourself $6 and play Angry Birds again while blindfolded, it’s about equally entertaining (ie pointless).


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