Summoner’s Greed Nightmare Mode Explained: Hard Mode Guide


Summoner’s Greed is an addicting time killer for mobile devices. There you act as a summoner, who is hunted by various enemies. You will place your units and defenses to fight off waves of enemies. The game has different modes, and now we are going to tell you about the Hard mode.

Hard Mode Guide

The game has different maps with a different number of waves of enemies that you need to destroy. And each such card has three modes.

  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Nightmare

To open Hard mode, you need to go through the map in Normal mode. However, unlocking Nightmare is much more difficult. To unlock the most difficult mode, you need to complete the map of The Joint Revenge in Hard mode. After you defeat King Nightmare, you will unlock Ragefist Chieftain Nightmare. Now complete this mode to gain access to The Joint Revenge Nightmare.

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Now let’s talk about how you can complete The Joint Revenge in Hard mode.

In Normal mode, you should have gotten the bronze Slime King and in Nightmare mode, on this map, it will come in handy.

Bring your Mighty, Slime King, and Speedy to the front line. Upgrade them as soon as possible. You must level up Mighty and Slime King to 400. And Speedy to level 10. In other words, reach their maximum. AFK earnings will help you with this, as well as macro. Then you can easily clear The Joint Revenge and unlock Nightmare Mode. We hope this guide was useful to you.

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Summoner’s Greed Nightmare Mode Explained: Hard Mode Guide


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