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Stump Me Answers: Level 91 – Level 115

Stump Me Answers: Level 91 – Level 115

If you have been waiting for us to return with a new batch of answers, then the wait is over! We have completed another batch of answers to help you out, so today we will give you the Stump Me answers for levels 91 to 115!

While this game is getting harder and harder and the puzzles and riddles are getting more and more pesky, we have successfully solved all of them, so you will have all of the answers that you need!

So in case you missed out on some of the previous stages answers, you can find the Stump Me answers levels 1 – 30, Stump Me answers levels 31 – 60 and Stump Me answers levels 61 – 90 right here!

Therefore let’s not waste another second and dive right into the Stump Me answers for levels 91 to 115!

Stump Me Level 91 Answer

Q: Find queen of hearts.
A: Tap all of the cards, then swipe right to left to reveal a hidden card. Once you got it, tap on it.

Stump Me Level 92 Answer

Q: Help the car move forward.
A: Move the boulder away from the screen.

Stump Me Level 93 Answer

Q: Find stars!
A: Shake the device to make them dizzy (“seeing stars”) and then tap on them.

Stump Me Level 94 Answer

Q: Stop the fire!
A: Move the two clouds together to create rain clouds.

Stump Me Level 95 Answer

Q: Confess to your girl.
A: Erase the top of the numbers to reveal “I love you”.

Stump Me Level 96 Answer

Q: Make volcano to erupt.
A: Place all the items in the volcano, and then move the Sun inside the volcano from the top hole.

Stump Me Level 97 Answer

Q: What should we do?
A: Tap continuously on the Fire alarm button.

Stump Me Level 98 Answer

Q: Put the phone into the pocket.
A: Drag and drop the phone exactly onto the pocket.

Stump Me Level 99 Answer

Q: Make balloons blast!
A: Tap the hedgehog to turn spiky, then move it on top of the balloons.

Stump Me Level 100 Answer

Q: Find a lemon.
A: Tap the tree several times.

Stump Me Level 101 Answer

Q: Find a bear from cats.
A: Follow the image below:

Stump Me Level 102 Answer

Q: Turn on the light please.
A: Move the flashlight around to discover the switch then tap on it.

Stump Me Level 103 Answer

Q: Find a bird!
A: Move the branches / leaves from the tree to reveal a bird.

Stump Me Level 104 Answer

Q: Feed this dinosaur.
A: Place the items into the dinosaur’s mouth, and when you get the bomb drag it away from the screen, then keep on feeding it.

Stump Me Level 105 Answer

Q: Find the ring.
A: Move the rock several times onto the piggy bank to break it.

Stump Me Level 106 Answer

Q: Make this girl look like higher.
A: Drag down her short legs to elongate them.

Stump Me Level 107 Answer

Q: I want to be lucky.
A: Tap on the “Start” button then tap again on the lucky wheel when it is on the big prize.

Stump Me Level 108 Answer

Q: Find something to eat.
A: Place the umbrella on top of the poop to make ice cream.

Stump Me Level 109 Answer

Q: Find differences.
A: Move the butterfly in the bottom picture, then follow the image below:

Stump Me Level 110 Answer

Q: He needs to exercise.
A: Tap multiple times on the boy to make him exercise.

Stump Me Level 111 Answer

Q: Open the safe deposit box.
A: Move the top part of the umbrella to align with the deposit box key hole.

Stump Me Level 112 Answer

Q: Combine to make a smallest value.
A: 0.3589

Stump Me Level 113 Answer

Q: Jump like a frog.
A: Shake your device like crazy until the frog catches all fly.

Stump Me Level 114 Answer

Q: Make biggest value.
A: Place the two “0”s to create infinity.

Stump Me Level 115 Answer

Q: Leave me alone for a moment.
A: Lock your device then open it.

These are all the Stump Me answers that we have for you right now! Stay tuned for our next batch of answers because we’ve almost reached the game’s end level, so if you want to solve those much easier, we will come to your aid!

Update: The last batch of answers is out now! Check out Stump Me answers for levels 116 to 140!

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Stump Me Answers: Level 91 – Level 115


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