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Stump Me Answers: Level 31 – Level 60

Stump Me Answers: Level 31 – Level 60

We have just returned with a new batch of Stump Me answers for levels 31 to 60! I have to admit that this game is keeping me glued to the phone, as I really want to solve more and more with every stage passed! Is it the same for you?

Well, if you are still stuck at one of the previous stages, or want to learn the solution for one of the earlier stages to share with a friend, make sure you check out our Stump Me answers for levels 1 – 30!

But let’s not waste another second and dive right into the Stump Me answers for levels 31 to 60 right here below!

Stump Me Level 31 Answer

Q: Click this thumb 10 times. Then click pass button to pass this level!
A: Tap the button 10 times, but count for yourself as the counter will skip. You will need to have number 9 shown there, then pass on

Stump Me Level 32 Answer

Q: How can an ant beat an elephant?
A: Zoom in the ant to make it bigger.

Stump Me Level 33 Answer

Q: What is the right answer?
A: Tap on the “33” at the top of the screen in the level 33 text.

Stump Me Level 34 Answer

Q: Dry this dress quickly!
A: Tap and hold on the dress and keep shaking it fast to dry it.

Stump Me Level 35 Answer

Q: Open the box.
A: Use two fingers to drag the box lid up.

Stump Me Level 36 Answer

Q: Make a rectangle with following shapes.
A: Drag the yellow shape to the left side of the screen to cover the tilted side so it will look like a rectangle.

Stump Me Level 37 Answer

Q: Which one is inedible?
A: Move the watermelon and tap on the plate.

Stump Me Level 38 Answer

Q: Make a fire.
A: Tap and rub your finger on the wood as fast as you can.

Stump Me Level 39 Answer

Q: Find the most special lemon!
A: Shake your device and one lemon will fall off the tree.

Stump Me Level 40 Answer

Q: Look for a circle.
A: Tap on the dot at the end of the sentence.

Stump Me Level 41 Answer

Q: Continue to watch live.
A: There is a cursor on the screen. Move that onto the play button.

Stump Me Level 42 Answer

Q: Tear down this paper!
A: Tap with one finger on the clip, and with the other drag the paper out.

Stump Me Level 43 Answer

Q: What number is it under your bag?
A: 87

Stump Me Level 44 Answer

Q: Which direction the Cupid’s arrow goes?
A: Left

Stump Me Level 45 Answer

Q: Help him to do his homework.
A: Swipe your finger to clean his glasses.

Stump Me Level 46 Answer

Q: Defeat the boss.
A: Drag all the fires on top of each other to make a big fire then tap it.

Stump Me Level 47 Answer

Q: Unlock your phone.
A: Swipe left to unlock it – literally.

Stump Me Level 48 Answer

Q: Let each plate have an apple.
A: Drag the word “apple” from the task text to the plate on the right.

Stump Me Level 49 Answer

Q: How many coins do I have?
A: 7 (Break the piggy bank)

Stump Me Level 50 Answer

Q: Enter the passcode!
A: 80021

Stump Me Level 51 Answer

Q: Swatting the mosquito.
A: Hold one finger on the screen, then with the other swat the mosquito.

Stump Me Level 52 Answer

Q: Password blind guess! Press “#” to end!
A: 1225 (Christmas date)

Stump Me Level 53 Answer

Q: Which one should not appear here?
A: Mosquito.

Stump Me Level 54 Answer

Q: Make this equation work!
A: Move one of the squares from the left to the middle.

Stump Me Level 55 Answer

Q: Help the car to reach the final destination.
A: Tap and hold on the left side of the road to lift it and make a ramp so the car will fall towards the final destination.

Stump Me Level 56 Answer

Q: Change 5 bars of candy into 6 bars of candy!
A: Drag the “6” on top of the “5” to swap them around.

Stump Me Level 57 Answer

Q: How many curves in the picture below?
A: 0

Stump Me Level 58 Answer

Q: Click the fruit from small to large.
A: Click them as shown in the picture below:

Stump Me Level 59 Answer

Q: Where is the volcano?
A: Tap on the text “volcano”.

Stump Me Level 60 Answer

Q: Which one should not appear here?
A: Shake your device and you will reveal a small chick!

That’s it for our Stump Me answers for levels 31 to 60! Don’ go too far because we will keep you updated as soon as we have released a new batch of Stump Me answers to help you in your journey!

Update: We’ve returned with a new batch of answers for you! Check out Stump Me answers for levels 61 to 90!

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Stump Me Answers: Level 31 – Level 60


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