Stumble Guys Lava Land Guide: Tips and Tricks


Stumble Guys is an exciting Battle Royale game for mobile devices and Windows. Players participate in matches consisting of random levels. At each level, you must reach the finish line faster than the rest of the players, otherwise, you are eliminated from the match. And since there are many different levels in the game, the matches will never be easy. And in this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about Lava Land in Stumble Guys.

Stumble Guys Lava Land Guide

Of all the levels in Stumble Guys, Lava Land is one of the hardest. This is a level where there is lava everywhere that will instantly melt you. Therefore, you will constantly wait for respawn and fall into the lava again. But let’s look at this level in more detail.

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In Lava Land, you will need to make long jumps to dodge tumbling fireballs and revolving spiky logs. However, these obstacles will not knock you down like in most other levels. Instead, you will be burned immediately. Therefore, you will need to memorize the location and movement pattern of all these obstacles to reach the end.

Also, on this map, lava will constantly rise and fall. And you need to remember the timing of each movement of the lava because when it goes down, different passages open up. Conversely, with a high level of lava, you just have to stand and wait.

Unfortunately, no tricks can be used at this level. Instead, you should practice as much as you can and watch how pro-players run through Lava Land without any problems. And even if you don’t fully get used to this level, you can still win as most players will still be swimming in lava. And while you are here, take look at our guide to when Stumble Guys was made.

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Stumble Guys Lava Land Guide: Tips and Tricks


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