The nice strategy game First Strike, released some time ago on the App Store, is going to receive a new update soon.

The new update will be released on June 26th and will include several new features that will expand the gameplay experience as well as let more gamers enjoy the game thanks to the new phone support.


Two new weapons will be included in the update. The first one is called TSAR and has the ability to destroy entire continents with a single strike. Five missiles are needed to take this terrible weapon out. The second new weapon is called the Stealth Bomber, which has the ability to sneak past defense systems and even be re-usable if it manages to come back intact.

Two more new features will be included in the game – Tactical Highlightning and Fast Play Toggle. The latter is going to be especially useful as it will make the whole experience even more fast paced than it used to be.

The First Strike 1.1 update will launch on June 26th. Other updates may be coming in the near future, including more new weapons and features.

First Strike is now available for purchase on the App Store. You can learn more about this nice strategy game by reading our own review of the game.




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