The nice strategy game First Strike, developed by Blindfug Studios, has received a brand new update today, giving players more ways to end the world.

Included in the new First Strike is a new weapon called the Cobalt Rocket, a deadly weapon that forces nations to stop any activity due to radiations. Thankfully it’s possible to defend from this weapon by using the new Air Defense Dome.

The new First Strike also includes a new super power looking to dominate the world, Kazakhstan, and a new feature that allows players to decided which superweapon they want at the beginning of the game.

Another First Strike update has been released back this Summer. This update included iPhone support as well as two new weapons called the Tsar and the Stealth Bomber. Another welcome addition was the Fast Play Toggle feature, which can be used to speed up the game considerably, making the more tedious moments of the game way more tolerable and the overall experience more enjoyable.

First Strike is now available for purchase on the App Store. You can learn more about this nice strategy game by reading our own review of the game.


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