The fast paced strategy game First Strike is finally available for purchase on the App Store, a game that will let gamers see how easy it would be to bring the destruction of the world by pressing a single button.

In our own First Strike review we have noted how the game really sets itself apart from the rest of the games of the same genre available on the App Store with its fast paced experience. After a short time, you will be dealing with political crisis all over the world, negotiations, scientific research and nuclear missiles. And have quite a lot of fun in the process.

The game’s graphics may be somewhat simplicistic, but they do get the job done. So does the interface, which looks incredibly slick. First Strike is really a complete and tight package that both fans and newcomers to strategy games can surely enjoy. And , let’s speak frankly, who wouldn’t love to dominate the whole world and bring some other super-powers to heel?

First Strike is now available for purchase on the App Store. The game can be purchased for $3.99, which is a really low price to pay for world domination. Or a nuclear holocaust, depending on how good you are with the game.



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