State of Survival

In State of Survival, Heroes do all the hard work for you, but they can only do it thanks to the Chief, who’s the one that really keeps your base running.

As such, knowing how to level up your Chief and spend your Talent Points correctly is extremely important, as the abilities included in the two Talents Trees are extremely useful and can make quite a difference in the development of your base and in actual combat. So, here all there is to know about Chief levelling in State of Survival.


The level of your Chief is completely independent of the level of your Heroes, and thus he is leveled in a different way. The only way to make the Chief earn experience points is by getting the Chief EXP medals, which are earned by completing growth missions or rally intel missions. These medals can also be purchased with Biocaps or real money, so there is a way to make your Chief better without having to complete the aforementioned missions.

To use the Chief EXP medals, all you need to do is tap on the EXP bar on your chief profile screen. Your stamina will be fully restored upon leveling up the Chief, so make sure to play ahead to take advantage of this mechanic.

Talent Points

Upon level up, you will receive two Talent Points that can be used to unlock abilities in the two Talent Trees – War and Economy. You will get three points per level after leveling up past a certain point.

Spending points in the War Talent Tree will improve the attack and defense rating of your tropps and unlock a variety of abilities that make combat easier.

Spending points in the Economy Talent Tree will improve your resource gathering abilities and everything related to the buildings you can put up in your base.

How to Spend Talent Points

Unlocking Talents in either tree is, essentially, up to your own playstyle, but there are a few Talents you should consider unlocking as soon as possible,

Regarding Economy Talents, the ones you should prioritize are the Rapid Development Talent, which cuts down development time considerably, and the Wood Haulage, Food Haulage and Metal Haulage Talents, as they increase your gathering speeds, and are generally more useful than the production increase Talents, at least at the beginning of the game. Another important Talent to unlock in the Economic Tree is the Healing Speed Talent, which lets you heal more troops than the Hospital Capacity Talent.

Regarding War Talents, you want to focus on the Talents that increase the Attack power of your Hunters, as well as on Massive March and Urgent Recall. The first increases your Maximum March Capacity by 10% for 30 minutes, while the second commands your troops to return you your Base within 3 seconds. Every other Talent in the War Tree is up to your personal preference and playstyle.

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