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Starfield Skills Tier List | The Best Skills in Starfield

Here's a tier list for all skills in Starfield.

Bethesda’s latest space adventure action roleplaying game, Starfield, has finally brought back elements from their past games in a nuanced manner, adding a ton of variety to the gameplay. One of its most contributing parts is the game’s skill system. With a multitude of skills, it is difficult for players to choose which one to get first. In the wake of that, we are here to help you make the decision a little easier with the help of our Starfield Skills tier list. 

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Starfield Skills Tier List

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Here are all the skills you can have in Starfield under the S to D tier, where the S tier skills are the best, and one should focus on getting them before any other skill, with the D tier being less useful overall. 

SRejuvenation (Physical)
Commerce (Social)
Armor Penetration (Combat)
Research Methods (Science)
Manipulation (Social)
Lasers (Combat)
Outpost Engineering (Science)
Targeting Control Systems (Tech)
Weight Lifting (Physical)
Starship Design (Tech)
ASecurity (Tech)
Payloads (Tech)
Ship Command (Social)
Crippling (Combat)
Marksmanship (Combat)
Surveying (Science)
Fitness (Physical)
Pain Tolerance (Physical)
Outpost Management (Social)
Astrophysics (Science)
BStealth (Physical)
Wellness (Physical)
Theft (Social)
Leadership (Social)
Targeting (Combat)
Dueling (Combat)
Spacesuit Design (Science)
Weapon Engineering (Science)
Shield Systems (Tech)
Missile Weapon Systems (Tech)
CConcealment (Physical)
Martial Arts (Physical)
Deception (Social)
Negotiation (Social)
Sharpshooting (Combat)
Rapid Reloading (Combat)
Chemistry (Science)
Special Projects (Science)
Piloting (Tech)
Starship Engineering (Tech)
DBallistics (Combat)
Pistol Certification (Combat)
Shotgun Certification (Combat)
Demolitions (Combat)
Heavy Weapons Certification (Combat)
Incapacitation (Combat)
Particle Beams (Combat)
Rifle Certification (Combat)
Sniper Certification (Combat)
Boxing (Physical)
Energy Weapon Dissipation (Physical)
Environmental Conditioning (Physical)
Gymnastics (Physical)
Nutrition (Physical)
Cellular Regeneration (Physical)
Decontamination (Physical)
Neurostrikes (Physical)
Astrodynamics (Science)
Geology (Science)
Medicine (Science)
Botany (Science)
Scanning (Science)
Zoology (Science)
Aneutronic Fusion (Science)
Planetary Habitation (Science)
Ballistic Weapon Systems (Tech)
Boost Pack Training (Tech)
Energy Weapon Systems (Tech)
Engine Systems (Tech)
Particle Beam Weapon Systems (Tech)
Robotics (Tech)
Automated Weapon Systems (Tech)
Boost Assault Training (Tech)
Gastronomy (Social)
Persuasion (Social)
Scavenging (Social)
Diplomacy (Social)
Intimidation (Social)
Isolation (Social)
Instigation (Social)
Xenosociology (Social)

The Best Skills in Starfield

Here are some of the best skills from each category in Starfield:

Physical Skill 

The best physical skill in the game is Rejuvenation and Weightlifting. The first one helps you increase survivability, helping you stay longer in battle. Meanwhile, the other one allows you to hold more items. 

Combat Skill 

The best combat skill in the game is Armor Penetration and Lasers. The first makes killing enemies easier, while the latter adds up to it by increasing the efficiency of cutter weapons. 

Social Skill 

The best social skills in Starfield are Commerce and Manipulation. With the help of the Commerce skill, you can purchase items at a lesser cost and have other related benefits, while you can use Manipulation to get past certain enemies and set pieces. 

Science Skill 

The best Science skill in Starfield is Research Methods and Outpost Engineering. 

Tech Skill 

The best Tech skill in the game is Starship Design and the Targeting Control Systems. 

That concludes our Starfield Skill tier list, as we have ranked all available skills while discussing the best ones. For more on guides, check out our dedicated Starfield section

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Starfield Skills Tier List | The Best Skills in Starfield