How to Steal in Starfield | Tips & Tricks

Here's how you can steal or pickpocket in Starfield.

One of the best parts of Bethesda’s RPGs is that you can collect anything you see lying—Starfield is no exception. While exploring the game, you will find many valuable items belonging to other people and factions you can collect to sell them for Credits or use them, such as guns, to power up your character. That is why you should know how to steal in Starfield, so keep reading our guide. 

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How to Steal in Starfield

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In Starfield, you can steal literally anything by simply coming close to the item and pressing the ‘E’ key on your keyboard or the respective interact key on your controller. 

You can steal low-value items without getting any bounty. But when it comes to high-value items, when you hover over them, you will find a red mark beside their names, indicating if you grab them, it will be considered an act of stealing. 

If you are looking to steal a valuable item, either collect the item when no one is looking or invest more skill points in Stealth skill to increase your chances of not getting caught. 

On the other hand, if you want to steal items from NPCs, you must get access to the Pickpocket skill, which becomes active as soon as you invest at least one skill point in the Theft skill. 

Do that, get near an NPC, look what they have, and steal it. Depending on the item’s rarity, you will have a different success rate to steal the item without getting caught. 

RarityChance of Success
Blue 99 to 65%
Green 64 to 35%
Orange34 to 11%
Red 10 to 1%
Gray Can be stolen only with Theft Rank 4

That concludes our guide on how to steal or pickpocket in Starfield. For more on guides, check out our dedicated Starfield section

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How to Steal in Starfield | Tips & Tricks