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Starfield Weapons Tier List | The Best Weapons in Starfield

Check out this guide to learn about the best weapons available in Starfield. Which ones will you add to your arsenal?

With so many different types of weapons of various rarities, upgrades, and modifications, it can be challenging to know which ones to keep and which to sell in Starfield. Of course there are, in true Bethesda style, a few powerful weapons you find as you progress, but to start, you must choose from whatever is on offer.

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In this guide, we have collated the best weapons you will find, as well as which of the regular arsenal you will get to choose from. Read on to find out about the best Starfield weapons in our weaponry tier list.

Best weapons in Starfield – The Tier List

There are a handful of really powerful weapons found in Starfield, but they are pretty tough to get. Usually, by the time you reach endgame, you will be strong and rich enough to get your hands on one of these. Divided into S Tier, A Tier, and B Tier, these are the main weapons to look out for, and they will suit your arsenal well if you manage to get one.

SRevenant This gun is gained at endgame. It has high fire damage and top-tier fire rate and mag capacity. It is light and applies the Bleeding effect to the afflicted enemy. A great addition to your arsenal.
SUnmitigated Violence Also an endgame weapon. This one deals double the usual damage when hitting enemies with full health, and applies crowd-control effects to the afflicted enemy. Don’t leave the ship without one!
SMagshear Another endgame gun. This one has high damage, along with an increased fire rate and even target tracking to make dealing damage that much easier.
AEternity’s Gate Available at endgame, this weapon deals multiple damage types. It also offers a boost in damage when handloading.
ABoomboom An early-game weapon! Inflicts high damage and has an increased fire rate with randomly exploding rounds.
AMagpulse Just like the Magshear, this is an endgame target-tracker weapon with high burst damage.
BThe Prime A powerful pistol available in early game stages. One-shot capabilities and great for being sneaky. Randomly applies Corrosive, Radiation, Poison, and Incendiary damage effects.

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If you are looking for guns specific to the very early stages of Starfield, then you may want to focus on getting a rifle to start, as well as a decent pistol. Each player is different, though, and your choice really depends on your playstyle. We have arranged the weapon types on the list below by power and versatility. For newbies, or those who haven’t honed their skills enough to determine a specific playstyle, we have the weapon type tier list below. They are organized into S-Tier, A-Tier, and B-Tier:

S-Tier weapons

Weapon TypeExplanation
Rifles Most versatile weapons available in Starfield. Perfect for a simple point-and-shoot.
Scoped Weapons If you want to keep your distance, choose a scoped weapon. These are especially good when you don’t want to risk taking any damage.
Heavy Weapons These pack a real punch, perfect for taking on groups of enemies or during boss fights.
Pistols Another versatile weapon, quick firing and perfect for stealthy players.
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A-Tier weapons

Weapon TypeExplanation
Shotguns Like in any FPS, the shotgun provides a good punch in the enemies’ faces at close range. Great for brave players who have plenty of meds on them and can take the damage from being in range of the enemy.
Laser Rifles Good weapons for mods, and can deal a good amount of damage. Particularly good against robots.
Particle Beam Weaponry Dealing both physical and energy damage, these are good if you regularly come up against enemies of both types. Pretty good against wildlife, people, and robots alike.
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B-Tier weapons

Weapon TypeExplanation
Other Laser Weapons Strong only in zero-grav fights, and against robots. Fun to use, though!
Melee Weapons Hand-to-hand combat is not for the weak! These are not the strongest weapons in-game, but they can be used effectively during stealth moves.

Now that you know which weapons to add to your arsenal, check out the Starfield periodic table next and see which resources you can mine.

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Starfield Weapons Tier List | The Best Weapons in Starfield