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Starfield: How to Explore and Escape Collapsed Mines

Starfield: How to Explore and Escape Collapsed Mines
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With so much to explore and do in Starfield, it will come as no surprise that there are places you haven’t even seen yet. Players with many hours in the game have only just scratched the surface of what can be found in Starfield. Even on seemingly desolate moons, there are places to discover. Even if you love exploration, the prospect of dropping down into a collapsed mine may be a bit daunting. Let’s find out how to explore and then successfully escape the collapsed mines!

How to Explore Collapsed Mines in Starfield

If you have spent any length of time on a moon orbiting some distant planet, you will probably have come across an abandoned mine. Usually, there is a deep cavern marked nearby. All around this deep hole in the ground are dead miners, machinery, and sometimes a few veins of resource to mine.

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These abandoned and collapsed mines can be found on virtually every moon. They have the same basic layout and contain most of the same stuff so if you miss one or don’t visit a particular moon you won’t be missing out on anything spectacular. There are, however, a bunch of resources, credits, weapons, and spacesuits to be looted from miner corpses and the surrounding environment.

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It is easy to get overwhelmed with resources and become encumbered, so watch out for this as you won’t be able to fast travel out of the mine! If this does happen, and you don’t want to drop anything, it isn’t too difficult to get out of the mine on foot. The path through the mine may seem difficult at first but you’ll soon find they are pretty linear, and each one has the same layout on every moon you visit.

starfield moon mine
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Put your scanner on as you explore the mine, harvesting resources as you go and make your way through. Follow the path towards the waypoint which will bring you out at a different entrance to the mine.

Once you have escaped the mine you will be free to make your way back to your ship and store any extra resources there!

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Starfield: How to Explore and Escape Collapsed Mines