Stardew Valley: How to Solve Ginger Island Mermaid Puzzle


Even though various puzzles are not the central gameplay features in farming simulators like Stardew Valley, this video game provides players with various exciting puzzles to complete. Most of them are a piece of cake, but some quests might appear complex even for experienced players. Read this guide, and you will find out how to solve Ginger Island Mermaid Puzzle in Stardew Valley.

What is Mermaid Puzzle in Stardew Valley?

Mermaid Puzzle is one of the oldest puzzles in the game, released 2 years ago with the update 1.5. Mermaid Puzzle is exclusive to Ginger Island, and the primary reward for completing it is Golden Walnuts. It is a special currency on Ginger Island used to unlock the new areas on the island. You can be sure that you need a tonne of Golden Walnuts if you want to progress in the game. 

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Solving Ginger Island Mermaid Puzzle

Before you can start completing Ginger Island Mermaid puzzle, you need to get Journal Scarp #9 and unlock the Pirate’s Cove. Nothing is challenging about it; you only need to wander around the island and wait until you find the required item.

Once you have found Journal Scarp #9, you should get 5 Flute Blocks. Flute Block can be crafted using 10 Wood, 2 Copper Ore, and 20 Fiber. Once you have it done, take your Flute Blocks and head to the Pirate’s Cove on a rainy day.

Here you need to place Flute Blocks near a pile of rocks. After that, regulate the high for each block and hit the block following the specific order described below.

  • Left Block – 1 time
  • Block Between Left and Middle – 11 times
  • Middle Block – 9 times
  • Next to Middle Block – 5 times
  • Right Block – 7 times
  • All Blocks From Left to Right
  • All Blocks From Left to Right

If you have done everything correctly, Mermaid will dance and give you 5 Golden Walntus once you finished playing the song.

That’s it with solving Ginger Island Mermaid Puzzle. Even though this riddle is pretty challenging, it gives you a good reward worth your attention. Moreover, reading our guide allows you to solve the puzzle much faster. And while you are here, make sure to read our guide on how to install and play Stardew Valley Expanded Mod.

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Stardew Valley: How to Solve Ginger Island Mermaid Puzzle


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