Best World Seeds in Stardew Valley


Stardew Valley is a calm and kind life simulation game with RPG elements. After receiving a will from your grandfather, you decide to go to the old farm and breathe new life into it. In creating a new farm can trust lady luck and generate a random map. But if you want to get ancient seeds or a harvest fairy on your farm on the first day, you should read our article to the end.

Best World Seeds in Stardew Valley

We want to clarify that the game is available on multiple platforms, which means that a seed that will give you utility on PC will be useless on consoles. No worries though, because we have the list for every platform!

Seeds for PC

Seed: 281191250. Using this seed when creating a map, you will receive an ancient seed at the very beginning of the game. To do this, immediately after generating the map, go to Linus. Near his tent, you can unearth an ancient seed.

Seed: 269733094. By using this seed in the first spring of the first year, the harvest fairy will visit you. In addition, you should clear a lot of territories as soon as possible, since in the spring you can participate in several events and even get a Stone Owl.

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Seed: 270192222. By using this seed, you will get a boost at the beginning of the game, as the Harvest Fairy will visit you on the first night. Therefore, you should hurry up and plant as many plants as possible on the first day.

Seeds for Consoles

Seed: 203853655. This seed will give you a lot of utility in the early game. To get all the benefits you should visit the Stardrop Saloon and the beach.

These are all the best seeds that we wanted to tell you about. If you also know good seeds we will be glad if you share them with other players in the comments.

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Best World Seeds in Stardew Valley


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