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Stardew Valley: How to Complete the Missing Bundle – Mission Guide

Stardew Valley: How to Complete the Missing Bundle – Mission Guide

After restoring the Community Center in Stardew Valley, you’ll run Morris and the local JojaMart out of business. The JojaMart becomes abandoned, but there’s a secret bundle that lies within. Completing the bundle will result in a fabulous prize, so today, we’ll show you how to complete the missing bundle in our Stardew Valley mission guide.

Guide to Completing The Missing Bundle in Stardew Valley

Once you’ve completed the Community Center, you’ll see a cutscene where Morris is effectively chased out of Pelican Town. From that point forward, there’s a random chance that you’ll see another cutscene whenever you go to sleep on a rainy day.

A powerful bolt of lightning strikes the abandoned JojaMart, and a crack in the front door appears. You can now enter the abandoned JojaMart, and there’s a Golden Scroll you can examine, just like in the Community Center.

The abandoned JojaMart.

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The Golden Scroll consists of exactly one bundle, and that’s The Missing Bundle. This bundle requires a variety of rare and difficult to obtain items, but doing so will replace the abandoned JojaMart with a bustling Movie Theater!

The Missing Bundle requires five of the six listed options:

  • Silver quality or better Wine
  • Dinosaur Mayonnaise
  • Prismatic Shard
  • Gold quality or better Ancient Fruit x 5
  • Gold quality or better Void Salmon
  • Caviar

We’ll break down how to get each item individually, so feel free to jump around this guide if you’ve already turned stuff in.

The Missing Bundle: Wine

The first item you’ll need is Wine of any fruit, but it has to be at least silver quality. To make Wine, drop any fruit into a Keg. You can craft Kegs with 30 Wood, 1 Copper Bar, 1 Iron Bar, and 1 Oak Resin.

The fruit will need some time to ferment in the Keg. Once it’s ready, an icon will appear over the Keg, so examine it to get your Wine. Now, to increase the Wine’s quality, you’ll need to age it inside a Cask.

Casks are crafted with 20 Wood, and 1 Hardwood, and the crafting recipe is unlocked after you purchase the cellar for your house. The cellar is the final house upgrade, and it costs a whopping 100,000 gold!

The cellar comes with Casks once you unlock it. Place your Wine inside a Cask, then simply wait. The longer you wait, the higher quality the Wine will be. For Wine to reach silver quality, you need to let it age in the Cask for at least 14 days.

The Missing Bundle: Dinosaur Mayonnaise

Dinosaur Mayonnaise is obtained by placing a Dinosaur Egg inside a Mayonnaise Machine. Dinosaur Eggs can be found through the following means:

  • Random find from digging up artifact spots in the Mountains and Quarry.
  • Random find from fishing treasure chests with a fishing level of at least 2.
  • Dropped from Pepper Rex, enemies found on the rare Prehistoric Floors in Skull Cavern.
  • Foraged from Prehistoric Floors in Skull Cavern.

Note that if this is your first Dinosaur Egg ever, we highly recommend incubating it and raising a Dinosaur, that way you have an easier source of more Dinosaur Eggs.

Raise yourself a dinosaur!

To be quite honest, the drop rates from digging and fishing are so low, we never found a Dinosaur Egg that way. We had to venture into the Skull Caverns and got lucky with a Prehistoric Floor, where a Pepper Rex finally dropped an egg for us.

The encounter rate for a Prehistoric Floor in Skull Cavern is 2.2%, so it’s quite rare, but we were able to find one before we got a Dinosaur Egg from digging and fishing.

The Missing Bundle: Prismatic Shard

Quite possibly the most annoying item out of the six on the bundle’s list to find, the Prismatic Shard is all up to luck. You can find a Prismatic Shard through the following means:

  • Moderate chance to mine from a Mystic Stone in the Mines (Level 100+ only), Skull Cavern, and the Quarry.
  • Low chance to mine from an Iridium Node in Skull Cavern, the Quarry, and the Volcano Dungeon.
  • Very low chance to find inside an Omni Geode.
  • Extremely low chance to find inside a fishing treasure chest with at least fishing level 6.
  • Astronomically low chance to drop from any monster once you’ve reached the bottom of the Mines for the first time. The Mummies and Serpents inside Skull Cavern have a slightly better chance.
  • Inside a chest at the top of the Volcano Dungeon. This is the only guaranteed way to get a Prismatic Shard, aside from the Statue of True Perfection.

As you can see, you’re more likely to accidentally stumble upon a Prismatic Shard as you’re doing other things. If you want to actively hunt for one, wait for a day when your luck is very good, then go venture in the Skull Caverns. Eat luck-boosting food for better chances.

Alternatively, you can just finish the Volcano Dungeon, but that’s a whole other ordeal in and of itself.

The Missing Bundle: Ancient Fruit

This option calls for five Ancient Fruit of gold quality or better. This is probably one of the easier options… but it also takes the longest amount of time.

Simply purchase an Ancient Seed from the traveling cart when you see one. Before you plant the seed, make sure to use some Deluxe Fertilizer to increase the quality.

An Ancient Fruit plant ready to harvest.

Plant it in your greenhouse, then wait an entire month for the Ancient Fruit plant to finish growing. You’ll harvest a single Ancient Fruit, and the plant will grow another one after seven days.

You can put the Ancient Fruit in a Seed Maker to easily create more Ancient Seeds, which is the best way to get lots of them.

The Missing Bundle: Void Salmon

Void Salmons are found exclusively from fishing in the Witch’s Swamp. As long as your fishing level is high enough, you should have no problem fishing up Void Salmons of gold quality or better. Make sure to use a Quality Bobber to improve the quality of your catches.

Catching a Void Salmon.

The Witch’s Swamp is accessed by a magic portal inside a cave by the railroad. The cave entrance is blocked by a mysterious obelisk, and it’s removed after you complete the Dark Talisman quest.

You can get the Dark Talisman quest by going to the railroad after completely repairing the Community Center.

The Missing Bundle: Caviar

One of the easier options for The Missing Bundle, as it only requires a Sturgeon and a Fish Pond. Build a Fish Pond at your farm if you haven’t already, then get yourself a Sturgeon.

Sturgeons can be caught in the Mountain Lake during the Summer and Winter. The best times to fish for them are during rainy days in the Summer. You can also just use a Magic Bait.

Place your Sturgeon inside the Fish Pond, and let the pond thrive. Make sure to fulfill any quests the Sturgeon have, as this will help them populate the pond faster. Eventually, they’ll start producing Sturgeon Roe, which can be placed in a Preserves Jar to create Caviar.

Sturgeon Roe ready for harvest.

Those are all the ways to complete The Missing Bundle. Remember that you only need five of the six possible options, so choose whichever ones are easiest for you.

Once you complete The Missing Bundle, the Movie Theater will replace the abandoned JojaMart. You can take Pelican Town residents to watch a movie to increase your friendship with them, and you can even play a fun crane game to win great prizes!

That concludes our Stardew Valley: How to complete The Missing Bundle mission guide. If you have any other tips or questions, let us know in the comments below!

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