Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is my favorite game at the moment and I spend countless hours defeating the campaign missions and all the other challenges. And even though things are going well, they can always get better! And this is exactly why I am writing this article: to make things better for you too and help you get more Allies in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.

When you reach level 18 in the game, you unlock the option to get allies in the game and especially in your squad, the sixth member coming with great bonuses for your team and offering extra manpower, which is essential in most battles in the game. In other words, allies are extremely useful and you should do your best to have the ones you like more by your side. And even though you can select random ones before every mission, I believe that it’s always better to have the right allies just one tap away and always available. If you agree with me and you want to reap on all the benefits that this comes with, you’re at the right place because we’re here to add more Allies in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes!

How to do it? It’s very easy and I have all the steps listed below:

– Log in to your game and get your ally code (simply tap the “Allies” button in the left menu and copy the ally code in the upper left side of the screen).

– Leave a comment on this page with your exact ally code and other people will be able to send you Ally requests.

– (Optional): leave instructions regarding the allies you’re looking for and what type of player you are. This will result in better teams and alliances being created.

– Make sure to add the ally codes that are already published here. We’re talking about active players, high level players – so add them!

And this is it! Now you have more allies in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and the game becomes a lot easier. Don’t forget to set the best Heroes that you have as your leaders in the Squad Arena, so that other players get the extra benefits of high quality heroes.

And if you want to get better at the game even further, make sure to check out our Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes tips & tricks, guide on how to get all Heroes and tips on getting more free crystals in the game. May the Force be with you!


    • Want to be more specific.. Doesn’t help much to have more wookie allies, especially lower lvl.. I have 40+ han, Leia, eeth, luminara, Barris, been using luminara mostly as lead for evasions.. Barris has some leader points… No one else

  1. Day 3 Level 36 Just broke into the top 200 in Arena am undefeated there. Maul 35 all LVL 3 same as Barriss, Chewey LVL 35 4 star lvl 2. Especially looking for a strong IMA helper for that pesky Light side 4 final battle.

  2. Rank 40
    Arena Rank 96

    Usual leaders
    Windu 40 equip level V
    (Power 2015)
    Barris lv40 equip level V
    (Power 2255)
    I would like to add Similar level Gundai
    Or any leader with Jedi buffs.

    I play everyday! So far:)

  3. 198-928-197

    Daily player, level 37 currently, been playing for four days
    Darth Sidious
    HK-47 (Soon to be 5)

    I’d love to find an anakin, old Ben, and boba fett, but anyone who plays daily will do. I welcome all invites.

  4. 574-791-871

    lvl 45
    currently have Ashoka and ig-88 as leaders with ig-88 as main
    daily active player

    would like any hk, fett, sidious, or any Jedi leaders but any actives welcome :)

  5. just as Sith Lords are Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon’s specialty, hot Asian girls are my own, haha. added you, but just in case, here’s my own code: 973-378-365

  6. Yes I am also a daily player who gets all the rewards necessary and would like to get some good allies!
    My code is 612-795-839.

    Currently at level 37 and continuing to improve my squad.

    • Hey stonecoldsars this is jofuttinmomma. This was the only way I could think to get a hold of you. I know you are loyal to force fighters but you shouldleave and come over. Wallet warriors. Guild leader board rank 240 right now. Last weak we were 76. It’s way better I guarantee. I already have a 7 star han. We do heroic raid 3-4 x’s weekly. Just apply.we have 2 spots open.

  7. 612-116-815
    I play the game at least twice a day. Most characters are at level 40+. I have a 4* Level 40 Eeth Koth. Also, most characters have level 4 gear as well.

  8. hey everybody add me im currently level 49 im a daily player, im trying to be as even as possible with light and dark side and lets help each other out my code is 585-189-527 and my name is Force Adept Being ill accept regardless of level :) cause all start at the bottom and lets continue to have fun with this awesome game haha

  9. *****The Force Is Strong With This One*****


    ***Addicted player & progressing quickly only a few spaces left***

  10. Daily player, level 48, rank #371. I have almost pink lvl44+ Sidious, Ventress, Geonosian Soldier, Chewie, Talia, Qui-Gon, Biggs and Leia to aid you!

    Please, add me only if you’re level 50+ and can provide me strong Luminara, Vader, Dooku, Ren, Finn, Ray, Offee and Maul.

    Code: 763-843-388 :D

  11. 671 866 317 LvL 18 now and I started less than 36 hours ago. Love it and will keep playing!! Please add! Add please! Come on add me… Lol or at least accept my requests. It seems like every number on this sheet that I’ve added has either ignored it or has denied it. I thought everybody was so active

  12. ally code: 485-399-942 I am level 54 I play daily and have Barriss Offee strongest player of game power over 3000 as well as others like darth sidious and count dooku

  13. Very very active daily player and money spender. Lvl 50 with 5* chewie and sidious grinding for 6 stars for both. Also have good luminara asoka and phasma. All lvl 50. Add me for a worthy ally, I really need good Darth Vader, dooku, or old Ben, thank you all.

  14. Hi guys need some help with my alt/smurf acct. I’m Ranked top 50 just made it yesterday. In our server rank 1 is level 17 and rank 2 is level 25. I’m level 24 hoping to catch up to them. :)

    [ALLY CODE]>493-953-266 alt/smurf acct
    [ALLY CODE]>644-127-773 main acct lvl 43 w/ DSid EwokElder and Luminara

  15. Add me please mainly looking for dark side allies (especially old daka to go with my nightsister team. But all friends are welcome!
    I’m lvl 47 and a very active player!

  16. 482-342-124
    I’m usually Ahsoka or Savage
    Level 41 right now, but climbing fast.
    I REALLY need some high level allies because I’m stuck.
    I’m active every day.
    Thanks in advance.

  17. Top 150 player

    7 star sidious
    7 star luminara
    6 star jedi consular
    6 star hk 47
    5 star old daka

    all level 66, all gear level 8

    rest are 4 star characters and below (dooku, phasma, qui gon jinn, vader, aayla secura etc.)

    daily player, very active, still growing.
    only top 200 players please


  18. Looking to make some friends! Lvl 61 have 7* sid and chewie. 6* luminara 5* ashoka and boba. 4* Darth maul Qgj Vader and many more!
    Looking for strong ally at or above my lvl thank you!
    359 839 869

  19. I wish I had found this game sooner, I just started but am level 39 in 3 days, totally addicted and loving it. I have sent some requests, I know I am smaller than some but I will def be playing daily and am moving up fast. Already placed 6th in arena today. Please add me to your list, I had one person accept and help me get past a level that was giving me trouble, a Lvl 70 is beast!

    My code is 362-448-812

    Look forward to playing with y’all

  20. Just started playing yesterday, have already hit 28, have some 4 star and 3 star toons with mark IV gear already without having to spend a dime. am loving it. Will be playing all the time.
    My code is 619-358-143

  21. 781-973-883
    Add me folks. Level 54.
    My usual leaders are
    1. Darth sid
    2. QGJ
    3. Luminara undu
    4. Clonewars chewie
    All leaders are level 50+ with gear lv6+ And 4*

    You could expect for old ben as leader soon

  22. 212 542 135 ….50 lvls 5 star lumi.. Savage opress.Chewy..4 star Asajj. Mace windu. JC.Talia all with 6 lvl gears. Almost 4 Ahsoka… 3 star Lobot. First order officer. Others are not important. Not much now but I just begun playing 2 weeks ago. Will be usefull in time.

  23. Guys now that the new guild update available, shouldnt we gather all in same guild too? Scroll up for my player code. Level 61. 3 empty slot left for allies

  24. Jan 654-874-775 lvl 75 officer for shining force guild. Looking for active players to replace inactive players in the guild. If you are unhappy in your guild – send me an ally request and I will invite you to the guild

  25. Add me 912-684-438. Level 74 drain energy daily and will play this game for as long as it remains ftp. Strongest character is JC at 5727 gl8 with level 7 abilities

  26. Looking to recruit keen active players into a new guild starting out, tier 1 (perfect for any new players who want to grow and become a key part of this guild) – Ethereal Universe
    Level 67 leader

  27. 265-259-269
    Add me please, I’m willing to allow anyone to borrow my characters
    Level 78
    7* eeth coth, 7* sidious, 7* geniosian soldier
    Looking for lvl 80+ allies
    ALMOST AT LVL 80!!!

  28. Hey what’s up guys,

    We have a NEW Guild looking for players (GMT time zone) so if you are a F2P then join us for daily raids at ‘Omega League’

    Also add me up; currently I have 23 x 7* level 85 characters with many heavy hitters at gear 10! Code:339-892-192

    Happy Gaming!

  29. 612-487-267

    I am looking for an active guild with lot of raids, 5* plus.
    P2P player lvl 67 from Europe

    Anyone who need allies can also add me

  30. Looking for allies for a growing guild. Guild leader is Level 66 with higher level officers and opportunities for new people to become officers. Guild is Platinum Standard. Ally code is 198-195-216

  31. Level 72 Daily player 600 points daily.
    Preferably farming at Guild Raid Tier IV & V.
    Ally code as follows:
    Looking for young guild rather than an established one. Officer material :D


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