Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes has been launched recently on the App Store, proving that we can finally have a great iOS game set in the Star Wars universe. We have already shared with you some tips & tricks for beginners, but now it’s time to take things a bit more in depth and check out how to get more heroes in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.

The Heroes are essential if you want to become one of the best players in the game and the best news is that you can unlock them all for free if you are patient enough and follow our tips below. So let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out our guide on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes – how to get more heroes in the game!

1. Don’t ignore the Bronzium Data Cards! You get one for free every 10 minutes and you can also spend Ally Points on purchasing more. Although you will rarely get heroes, when you do, you can get some high value ones. I personally received 4 star heroes from the Bronzium Data Cards and a lot of one star ones (plus everything in between), so it’s really doable. All you have to do is to be in the game and claim your free card every 10 minutes!

2. Log in daily throughout the month: even if you can’t play, logging in allows you to grab the daily reward. Each month, a new hero will be on the rewards list and you can collect shards to unlock him. So log in daily each month and you’ll get a free hero monthly!

3. Replay the hard battles in order to earn shards that you can turn into heroes. The good news here is that you know what character shards you’re getting, so check out the heroes first and focus on those that you want first. Even normal battles might reward you with shards when you first complete them, so all you have to do is to keep playing!

4. Darth Vader is the character that you will get for completing achievements in the game, so make sure to check them out and complete them as soon as possible. As you probably imagine, Darth Vader is an amazing character and a must have for your Dark Side campaign and Squad Arena Battles (plus everything else!)

5. Get the bundles: the game will often offer different bundles that you can purchase for real life money and get a guaranteed hero out of them. They are quite pricey at the moment, so only go for this if you are 100% sure that you can’t do any of the other methods.

6. You can also purchase Chromium Data Card Bundle. I recommend going for the bundle because you get a small discount and you are guaranteed Shards or new Heroes. It costs Crystals, but you can get those for free as well, so it’s worth waiting, in the long run, to get enough crystals for the bundle.

7. Purchase Shipments: you never know what you will find in there, but sometimes you will have character shards. So always check out the shipments and buy the shards for real money!

Finally, most likely the Events (I haven’t reached them yet at the moment of writing) will allow you to at least have a shot at unlocking rare characters, as well as the Galactic War. In the end, being active and playing daily for as much as you can is the way to go in the game! If you are patient enough, you will soon have a ton of heroes, including the rare ones that you so much want. Want to see how many are in the game? A ton – just tap the “Characters” icon in the upper left corner and you will see for yourself!

Did you manage to find other ways to quickly get all the characters in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes? Let us know by commenting below!



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