Star Wars Force Arena is an amazing game indeed. Using the perfect strategy and choosing the best leader is extremely important. However, your deck is the one that matters the most! It’s difficult to build an amazing deck, though but we are here to help. We are here to share with you a complete guide on how to get more cards in Star Wars Force Arena. Also, there will be some basic tips on deck building so that you dominate your enemies each time you play.

Getting new cards in the game is not easy – especially if you want to get cards that you use. However, there are fortunately multiple methods to get new cards and cards for upgrading the ones you use. We’re going to talk about them all in this article. So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below a complete guide on how to get more cards in Star Wars Force Arena and build that perfect deck.

1. Open all the possible card packs
There are multiple card packs in the game and most of them can be easily obtained for free. You get Play Points every time you go to battle and for every 10 points, you are rewarded with a free instant card pack. You also get a free one every 4 hours containing a few cards.

But winning your battles also gives you great rewards: a random card pack is rewarded when you win a battle but they required you to go through a waiting period to open them – and you can only open one at a time. The cards inside are based on your Tier, so make sure to open the card packs of the highest tier first. Also micro-manage your opening times in order to open as many as possible throughout a day.

2. Buy card packs
If you want to quickly get your hands on even more cards, you can always buy packs. If you have the required Crystals, I would always go for the highest priced option as it will also feature a Legendary card (leaders!) The higher the cost, the better the number of cards you get, as well as their rarity.

3. Complete missions
Completing missions – both Basic and Special ones – will reward you with different card packs or lets you choose one Rare or Epic card for your deck. Always try to play the game in order to complete as many missions as possible in order to quickly get extra cards and strengthen your deck!

4. Trade
Although this is definitely not for quantity, it is for quality. Once you reach level 3 in the game, you unlock the trader where you can exchange 10 cards of a lower rarity for one card of a higher rarity. You can also trade one unique for a legendary, or a legendary for another legendary.

5. Buy them!
This is not something that I would actually advise you to do because the costs of leveling up your cards is really high or gets very high eventually. But if you have a lot of Credits on hand, you can always spend some in the Shop to buy cards. The lower rarity ones are cheap, but rarer ones are really expensive. Again, I wouldn’t really do this because it slows you down in terms of upgrading existing cards.

How to build your Deck in the game

We’ve already covered the basics in our guide for the game, but we’re going to go through them once more. Do have in mind that building the perfect deck in the game requires quite a bit of play time under your belt, solid cards to choose from and high level cards as well!

– If you have leader and unique combos, make sure that you use them. Usually, decks with Uniques are better than decks where the leaders don’t get the extra boost from the uniques

– Try to keep a balance between high cost and low cost cards. It’s usually not a good idea to have just low energy or high energy cost cards

– Also try to keep a balance between the types of cards you have. Going only for high damage/low health cards is not a good idea (although going for higher health ones could work good). Ideally, you should find a balance and for each high damage card, you should have a heavy/tank type of card to defend it.

– Don’t bring more than 1 Support type of card. They can prove useful indeed, but having too many might result in you being unable to fully deploy a strong squad and the enemy will eventually outnumber you.

– Be careful with very high cost cards (6 and above). They are extremely powerful indeed, but deployed all by themselves can’t really make a difference. I personally consider these very high level cards useful only for experienced players.

So this is how to get more cards in Star Wars Force Arena, as well as some tips on putting the cards you have to good use and build a great deck. If you have other tips and tricks for fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us know by sharing your thoughts below.



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