Star Trek Fleet Command: A Strange New Cipher Puzzle Guide – Tips and Tricks


The latest scrambled communication puzzle in Star Trek Fleet Command may easily be its hardest one yet! This time, intrepid players will need to decipher sheet music in order to find the cipher, so if you’re like us and have no idea how music works, this one is going to be tough! Let us help you with our Star Trek Fleet Command: A Strange New Cipher guide – tips and tricks!

A Strange New Cipher Tips and Tricks Guide

When you’re ready to start, go ahead and enter the Events menu. You should see the “A Strange New Cipher” event going on, so tap on it and select the first mission, “A Strange New Cipher 1.1,” to begin.

Your objective is to decipher the hidden clue inside the sheet music to find out the secret system you need to travel to. The sheet music consists of four notes, and the only hint given to you by the game is “western musical notation”.

Now, if you have any kind of background in music theory, you probably already know what to do from here. For the rest of us, the western musical notation is one of the most popular forms of reading sheeting music, and it’s basically a way to translate music into language.

What you’re supposed to do is split the entire English alphabet into four groups. The length of each note represents one of the four groups, and then positioning represents the exact letter. Here’s a little cheat sheet to help you out, and we’ll explain how we got here:

Now, let’s take a look at the first puzzle, or “A Strange New Cipher 1.1”. Here’s a picture of the notes:

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Notice those four notes near the bottom of the image? That’s your clue on how the grouping system works. The first note is 1/8 A, so all the 1/8 notes are A-G. The second note is 1/4 H, so all the 1/4 notes are H-N. This goes on until you get the entire alphabet.

Once you have the correct grouping, all you have to do now is match it up with the correct letter. So, let’s take a look at the first note, which appears to be a part of the first group. It’s on the second row from the bottom, so it must be the letter A.

The next note is in the same row, but it’s the hollowed out version, so that must mean it’s the letter O. The third letter is near the top, right on the line, so it’s the letter R. The final letter is on the same row at the first two again, so it’s O again.

Did you notice that the puzzle tries to trick you by flipping the note upside down? Just remember that the most important thing is the note’s position. Put all the letters together, and it spells out AORO, which is the first system you must travel to in order to complete the event mission.

Congratulations—you’ve completed the first puzzle! There are seven more puzzles for you to solve, but now that you have the cipher, you should be able to take a crack at it on your own.

We hope we’ve helped you figure out the new event puzzles with our Star Trek Fleet Command: “A Strange New Cipher” puzzle tips and tricks guide. If you have any other tips or questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

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Star Trek Fleet Command: A Strange New Cipher Puzzle Guide – Tips and Tricks


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