Star Trek Fleet Command: A Strange New Cipher Puzzle Answers


The latest scrambled communication puzzle in Star Trek Fleet Command may easily be its hardest one yet! This time, intrepid players will need to decipher sheet music in order to find the cipher, so if you’re like us and have no idea how music works, this one is going to be tough! Let us help you with our Star Trek Fleet Command: A Strange New Cipher puzzle answers guide!

Star Trek Fleet Command: A Strange New Cipher Solutions

Upon initiating the new “A Strange New Cipher” event, you’ll be greeted with a number of ciphers to figure out. Examine the first one, and you’ll see a small portion of sheet music. There’s a message hidden somewhere in the notes, but you need the cipher in order to get it.

The message will reveal a specific system you need to travel to in order to complete the event mission. Once you have the system name, you can simply search for it and head there to finish up.

Supposedly, the key to figuring out this cipher is to match the notes with groups of the alphabet. The first step is to realize that each note is supposed to be a letter from the standard English alphabet, and then you can split the alphabet into four groups.

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Attempting to read sheet music makes us dizzy, so we went ahead and gathered the clues for anyone who doesn’t want to bother solving the cipher. It’s a pretty challenging cipher to figure out, so if you enjoy these kinds of puzzles, we highly recommend taking a crack at it.

For the rest of us, here are the “A Strange New Cipher” puzzle answers:

  • 1.1: Aoro
  • 1.2: Calex
  • 1.3: Friefia
  • 1.4: Elva
  • 2.1: Eojur
  • 2.2: Vogum
  • 2.3: Xabek
  • 2.4: Rigel

That concludes our guide on Star Trek Fleet Command’s “A Strange New Cipher” puzzle answers. If you have any other tips for figuring out this cipher, let us know in the comments below!

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Star Trek Fleet Command: A Strange New Cipher Puzzle Answers


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