How to Get Enterprise in Star Trek Fleet Command

How to Mine Latinum in Star Trek: Fleet Command

Are you interested in getting Enterprise in Star Trek Fleet Command? No wonder! The ship type is Epic Explorer with 402,152 Start Strength. It’s Maximum Warp 40 to 75 @ T9.

Its Impulse Speed is 100, and cargo capacity is 4,000 to 32k @ T9 (Base Stats).

If you are excited to get Enterprise in the game, we have prepared a guide that will help you achieve your goal. Keep reading not to miss a thing!

Getting Enterprise in Star Trek Fleet Command

So, everyone interested in getting the USS Enterprise needs to know that it is a 3-Star, Epic Explorer Ship. To build it, you will need a Shipyard at lvl 34.

It is worth getting as it is considered the line of iconic Constitution-class starships.

Thus, you can see that this is a phenomenal ship. It possesses the +5% ability to restore to Sheild Health while having Morale.

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The spacecraft is the backbone of rebuilding and reinvigorating the Federation. Moreover, there is the best technology used in the Federation.

There are some costs that one needs to spend for building this masterpiece:

  • Faction Credits: 180,000.
  • Tritanium: 7,500,000.
  • Dilithium: 250,000.
  • Ore: 1,375 G3.
  • Common Refined Gas: 8,250 G3 Common Refined; 
  • Instant Build: 16,350 Latinum.

Moreover, one will also require 150 Blueprints that can be purchased in the Faction Store.

Now you know how to get the required ship and what is needed. Follow the steps and have fun while playing the game!

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How to Get Enterprise in Star Trek Fleet Command


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