Splatoon 2

A new Splatoon 2 update is now live worldwide, introducing tweaks for several weapons that are aimed at making the experience more balanced and enjoyable.

The full patch notes, which can be found on Nintendo’s Official website, confirm changes for weapons like the Splattershot and its variants, the Luna Blaster and its variants, the Splat Charger, Nozzlenose, and Bamboozler. Changes have also been made for points required for using specials with certain main weapons.

As the update introduces some big balance changes, it is mandatory for online play. As of today, players will not be matched with those who still have to update.

Downloading the latest update will prevent matching with players at the Shoal that are using previous update data.

With this update we have made adjustments to the abilities of certain weapons to effectively hold the line of battle or to ink turf from afar. However, we have limited these adjustments in such a way that they should not affect weapon selection for players experienced with using these weapons.

On a related note, it has been confirmed that the next Splatoon 2 update will be released in April. It will include further adjustments to weapons.

Splatoon 2 is now available on Nintendo Switch worldwide. It is one of the finest Nintendo Switch games, so make sure to check it out if you haven’t already, especially if you like shooter games with a strong multiplayer focus.


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