Kalstein Mines is one of the Islands in Spiritfarer that you can access by using the “Key for Kalstein Mines,” which is obtained from the guard sitting outside the mine once you have completed the Shenanigans “Training Wheels.”

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The Kalstein Mines not only hold items like Marble that you need to progress the game, but it also offers chests and other items that you can look for and collect. 

In this Spiritfarer guide, we share the location of all chests that you can find in Kalstein Mines.

All Chest Locations in Kalstein Mines

The Kalstein Mines in Spiritfarer offers five to six Rare Chests that you can obtain by exploring the mine. 

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Below, you can find the Kalstein Mines Map along with directions on where to look for these chests. 

Image Via u/Drag0nK1ng123
  • Chest 1 Location: Bottom-left of the map, hidden passage to the left
  • Chest 2 Location: Right side of the map, hidden passage to the right of the Coal mining spot
  • Chest 3 Location: In the middle level of ziplines, hidden passage to the left of the Marble mining spot
  • Chest 4 Location: Upper part of the map, up the air ducts, fall down the narrow passage between the Marble and Coal mining spots
  • Chest 5 Location: Upper part of the map, from the Marble mining spot, hidden passage to the upper right (requires Dash)
  • Chest 6 Location: Upper-left of the map, take the zipline to accelerate, then jump left through the hidden passage

SpiritFarer is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 | 5, Xbox One, macOS, PC, and Google Stadia platforms. 

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Spiritfarer Kalstein Mines All Chest Locations


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