The Jackie & Daria update in Spiritfarer that made its official release on December 13, 2021, added a profusion of new content, including Jackie the hyena, aka “the caretaker,” Daria, a bat, aka “the patient,” a Beehive boat upgrade, and other things. 

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Among the many new additions, the Beehive upgrade for Stella’s boat is one of the best things that we got from the update—excluding the great storyline that came along with Jackie & Daria.

So, the Beehive is a craftable upgrade in Spiritfarer that you can get and use to obtain Honey, which can be added to a variety of recipes. 

In this Spiritfarer guide, we talk about how you can craft and use the Beehive.

How to Craft and Use the Beehive

In Spiritfarer, you can craft a Beehive using the blueprint obtained by progressing through Jackie’s storyline added with Jackie & Daria update—till you reach the quest called “Feelin’ the Buzz.” 

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Once you complete the quest, you get the Beehive blueprint which you can use to craft the Beehive upgrade for your boat, granted you have the following materials:

  • Pine planks x12
  • XP potions x6
  • Gold Ingots x4
  • Glim x4000 

Assuming you have the required materials, you can go ahead and craft the Beehive upgrade. Once that is done, you can now collect Honey from the Beehive by just interacting with it. 

SpiritFarer is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 | 5, Xbox One, macOS, PC, and Google Stadia platforms. 

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How to Craft and Use the Beehive in Spiritfarer


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