Spiritfarer Tuna Fishing/Catching Guide: Tips and Cheats

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Spiritfarer from Thunder Lotus Games is a slow-paced and aesthetically pleasing sandbox type game. It is available to play on Nintendo Switch, as well as XBox, PS4, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Players take on the role of Stella, a Spiritfarer whose job is to ferry spirits to the afterlife. Stella must make the spirits feel at home and happy by building up her ship and giving the spirits items or resources they desire, including food. Stella can fish with a rod from the end of her ship, gathering fish like Tuna.

Fishing for Tuna in Spiritfarer

Tuna is one of many types of fish you can catch in Spiritfarer. Tuna can be used in recipes requested by spirits such as Tuna Tataki, so it is useful to have on board. It is actually the hardest fish to catch in the game, as they have great strength and can break your rod!

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Spiritfarer (via Jempanada on YouTube)

Tuna can be found at very specific locations around the map, recognizable by the glowing Tuna icon. You can fast travel to these locations easily. Once you have located a Tuna, get ready to fish as usual—throw the line into the water, and wait. Usually, all you’d have to do is to reel the fish in using the right button (Y on Nintendo Switch), but Tuna is trickier.

spiritfarer screenshot fishing
Spiritfarer (via Jenpanada)

While reeling in your Tuna by holding the ‘reel in’ button, your rod will change color. As it changes from yellow to orange and red, tap the button instead of holding it. This will stop your line from breaking, but will also make sure the fish doesn’t pull away.

Keep going with this more gentle approach and you will catch your Tuna. This is also a good technique for catching a Jellyfish!

Good luck, and happy sailing.

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Spiritfarer Tuna Fishing/Catching Guide: Tips and Cheats


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