How to Get Marble in Spiritfarer: Tips and Cheats

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Crafting is one of the most important features present in Spiritfarer. It is the production of various useful materials on the boat. Most crafting processes require a special building, and also involve a small mini-game. Doing a good job in the mini-game provides the player with extra materials!

When we speak about materials in Spiritfarer, we can’t leave out Marble. It is a basic but very crucial crafting material in Spiritfarer, belonging to the Rocks category of items.

Marble isn’t available in the most intuitive locations in Spiritfarer, so it wouldn’t be surprising if you were having a tough time finding Marble in the game. If you want to learn exactly where to get Marble in Spiritfarer, then just read on below!

Where to Get Marble in Spiritfarer

There are three different locations that you can explore to find Marble in Spiritfarer. They will be elaborated on below:

Kalstein Mines

The most accessible of the three areas, and the one we recommend you to use to find Marble. Marble can be located at [-99, -117], which is in the icy area. Head to the ship wrecks up north to find Marble if you’re feeling extra lucky.

Southpoint Docks

Marble can only be found at one node in the Southpoint Docks, along with other valuable items like Diamond, Opal, and Gold Ore.

Hummingbird Region (Winter)

Crates present in the Hummingbird Region (Winter) can yield Marble. They are located at [-144, 105], [-159, 133], [-181, 170], [-170, 211], [-51, 171].

And that is all you need to know about how to get Marble in Spiritfarer!

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How to Get Marble in Spiritfarer: Tips and Cheats


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