Spider-Man Unlimited, the nice endless runner game starring the Marvel Comics characters now available on the App Store, has received a new update today.

The new Spider-Verse introduces new content based on the current series of comics like several new events tied to the Great Hunt and new Spider-Man versions to unlock and level up. The first event, which is available right now, tasks players with making the longest combos possible to win a variety of rewards like Iso-8 vials, which can be used to unlock more content, and the possibility to unlock Ultimate Spider-Woman if enough bosses are defeated during the event.

Spider-Man Unlimited has been released on the App Store back in September. The game is a really engaging endless runner game where players will have not only to go as far as possible but also fight enemies with plenty of offensive options. The game is also a dream come true for all Spider-Man fans, as Spider-Man Unlimited is not based on any of the movies and thus includes different versions of the web-slinging hero as they have appeared in the comics.

Spider-Man Unlimited is now available for download on the App Store. If you’re having trouble with the game, you may want to check out our Spider-Man Unlimited tips and tricks guide to learn more about the game’s mechanics.



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