One of the more famous Marvel Comics super-hero is back on our iOS devices with a brand new game, developed by Gameloft.

The new Spider-Man game is called Spider-Man Unlimited, an endless runner game where players will have to control the hero as he tries to avoid obstacles and bad guys and collect ISO-8 to unlock extra content. Standard fare for pretty much all endless runner games.


The game is actually more varied than your standard endless runner game as Spider-Man comes with multiple offensive options like simple punch and kicks, web-slinging and more.

Spider-Man Unlimited is a rather unique Spider-Man for a few reasons. Unlike many other iOS games based on the characters, Spider-Man Unlimited is not based on any movie, with the team opting to give their game a comic-book feel, which will definitely make fans of the Spider-Man comics happy.

Spider-Man Unlimited is now available for download on the App Store. The game is a free to play game so expect to see the usual IAPs and other f2p mechanics. If you’re having trouble with the game, you may want to check out our Spider-Man Unlimited tips and tricks guide to learn more about the game’s mechanics.




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