In Space Arena: Build & Fight, you are as good as your ship design is. And I’m here to help you get better by sharing some of the best Space Arena: Build & Fight ship builds that will grant you victory after victory and help you unlock better weapons and ship designs.

We have already shared some tips and tricks for the game in a previous article and touched some important ship design tips as well, but now I am going to share some ship builds for Space Arena: Build & Fight that really work wonders and help you get a ton of wins.

I will be fair and admit that I wasn’t able to build awesome ships with all the designs that I have unlocked so far, so I am only sharing those that have worked. I will also update this article as I receive new designs from fellow players or as I manage to build perfect ships myself.

So right now, let’s check out my recommended Space Arena: Build & Fight ship builds below: great designs that will guarantee you serious wins!

Space Arena: Build & Fight best Corvette design:

This has been, for some strange reason, my most successful design ever and I am still able to defeat with it level 7 and level 8 ships without a problem!

I am not really sure, to be honest, what makes it so overpowered, but I am sharing the design with you and I am sure you’ll have similar success rates. But running with two combat shields and 4 combat armors to protect the engines and reactors, it does really well in defense and last a long time in battle.

With its various types of damage, it keeps attacking and attacking until it gets the job done… and even though there’s no laser used, it still does a great job against all types of enemies. A really tough nut to crack, so highly recommended ship design!

Space Arena: Build & Fight best Raven design:

And here is the build for the smaller ship:

Another OP ship and one of the best in the early stages of the game, the Raven offers a ton of firepower thanks to its additional ships. It’s true, the smaller ones can’t pack a lot of weapons and are easily destroyed, but they act as additional damage dealers and decoys, giving you enough time to do well in battle.

As you can see, I went for full Laser damage for the main ship since at this stage most people use a large amount of Combat Shields that are useless against lasers. The ship itself doesn’t have a lot of shielding, but it has enough to keep it alive, having in mind that the two smaller ships will draw in quite some damage as well.

Now in order to get some variety, I’ve equipped the smaller ships with a strong missile launched and an extra cannon for additional short range damage, as these ships will usually be very close to the enemy ship.

A deadly combo that I am still trying to perfect, but it still works really well for now.

These would be my recommended ship builds for Space Arena: Build & Fight right now. I’ll make sure to update this list with more designs as I manage to build them – but you are also welcome to add your own suggestions and designs in the comment section below by describing the weapons and defenses used.


  1. I can’t find the small weapons~ What are they? (I’ll put a picture to make it easier to understand me)
    And the things under them I also can’t find. Thanks

    • Lawlzer,

      If you have just started playing the game, you might have not unlocked them yet. Level up, research new tech and you’ll get those and more.

  2. I ground with my Heavy Fighter untill I got my Raven, and regularly slayed much heavier ships with it. Built very similar to Luciano’s Corvette, just smaller. I ran one shield and a blend of laser and balistic weapons.

    I have some issues with the example Raven build:
    1) the spaces close behind armor are among the safest, yet those low on a long, open side are very vulnerable.
    2) on a mixed armament build, put lasers on the fighters to get better flank shots, bypassing the armored nose.
    3) put the armor on the fighter’s nose already.

  3. I think that early on you can actually get away with a ship that’s all offense. But your raven needs to chill and pack on some armor. Also add a little diversity. Lasers go best on the twin ships because the armor in the front of most ships is heavier than the sides. Which is the point of contact for the light fighters.

  4. Really looking for designs for the Sturbridge. I’ve got a great morningstar design so far that destroys most opponents, and my Sturbridge is ok but could be better. Message me on kik for designs. Kik is stewykicksyou

  5. I got the hawk and it’s support ship its worthless. It rushes into battle and gets destroyed before my primary ship can engage. I am then guaranteed a lose against a larger ship.

    • Scythe- ( sorry I don’t know how to post pics) If you don’t have the frontal mods at least then I can’t help you but if you do then put medium armor on each side of the front and a medium armor at the very top between the others. Put small armor in the remaining spaces at the front. If you have repair bay then at the 4 spaces under the armor put small reactors in a line. Put the repair bay at the bottom on either side ( I have mine on the right ) and on the other side have a shield. On the outer parts in the back put normal small armor and a warp drive on the left side. Put solar armor in a diagonal by the warp drive and a small thruster at the bottom. Put a missile in the last 2 spaces. If you get the last mod (which I recommend), put small armor. It helps a lot. On the support, put a warp drive NO MATTER WHAT!!! On either side of the warp drive and 1 space up, put lasers. On the outer spaces put small reactors and between the lasers a shield. Above the shield put another laser and then another reactor. Last, on the top, put a small piece of armor. This was very powerful for me and it got through the entire first campaign map single handedly without losing once. It has never lost to a valkarie and has a pretty good sucess rate up to Morningstar.

  6. For smaller ships- put armor in front, laser behind, shield in the missle and reactors on either side. This is really powerful because it has a shield and the lasers are amazing for destroying the engines.

  7. The Majority of your builds would be easily countered by the 1×2 lasers or a single rotational laser turret, but otherwise they would be fine, truthfully I have not tested these builds yet so they could still possibly be amazing because I built an easy to counter or just generally get killed raven, but it did the opposite and won every battle, even against a Hammerhead, but then I swapped it for a scythe because it became a upgraded version of it.

  8. I need help with my raven (solved) and a non-upgraded scythe (unsolved). The scythe has been the problem: Valkerie ships have been all over the radar with their warp drives (I have one too, they just flank me) and torn it abart blast by blast, atom by atom. The level I’m on is 13, close to 14. I do ok, but i need real big help. Hopefully something with lots of layers, rockets, and chain guns :P keep in mind, I am nearing the hammerhead, so hopefully the design can take on one of those big fat oversized flathead sharks out and teach them a lesson. (Sorry, just pouring out aggression on this page XD)


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