If you’re looking for some advice to build the ultimate ship in Space Arena: Build & Fight, our tips and tricks will help you achieve that, as well as help you understand how the game works and how to get better at it.

Space Arena: Build & Fight is a space sim developed by Herocraft and we absolutely love everything about the game! Easy to learn and play in short breaks, it becomes extremely challenging soon by offering you a ton of options when it comes to customizing your ships.

So let’s learn how to get better at this game by checking out below some Space Arena: Build & Fight cheats and tips in our complete strategy guide!

Add friends for Celestium
Celestium is the premium currency of the game and you need a ton of it to unlock new slots for more ships in your hangar. One of the easiest ways to get it is by adding friends.

For each friend you have, you receive 1 Celestium per day, which translates into pure gold. So make sure that you add as many friends as possible in order to keep the premium currency incoming!

Also, in order to increase both your regular and premium currency, you should make sure to get back to the game every three hours and collect the free crate the is offered. This gives you 3 Celestium and 3,000 coins, which add up quickly!

As you level up, you unlock new technologies. They are extremely expensive, that is true, but you must unlock them in order to keep your ships up to date and ready to cause as much damage as possible.

However, my recommendation is to focus on unlocking new ship designs first, and only afterwards unlock the new tech. A new ship design gives you more module slots to use and in most occasions, it’s better to have the numbers over the more advanced tech. Also, once you level up you will start facing more and more enemies using the more advanced ships and you rarely stand a chance in front of them with an outdated model.

How to build the perfect ship
We will have an in-depth guide to building your perfect ship, but until then, we have a few pointers for you to follow and keep in mind when building your ship in Space Arena:

– New ships are always better because they offer more modules for weapons, shields and support items. Therefore make sure that you’re always unlocking new ones!

– Some ship models are better than others, some being pretty overpowered. The Raven, for example (unlocked at level 7) is extremely powerful and will stay so for a few levels at least!

– Don’t aim to have 100% energy for your ship, as it will work perfectly with energy over 90%. However, don’t push it too much with the energy levels: everything under 90% is risky, as your ship won’t have enough energy for all modules

– Create an all-rounder ship: instead of focusing on dealing one type of damage massively, make sure that your ship can deal at least two different types of damage. This gives you better chances against all types of ships and, even better, gives you firing power in various situations on the battlefield

– Shields are extremely important and you should also have variety here as well. It’s better to add an extra ship instead of an extra weapon!

– Where you place your items matters a lot! For weapons, range and the speed of fire makes it extremely important to place them in the right spot (close range weapons up front and long range ones towards the back). Shields should be placed in areas that get hit often, and you should make sure that your entire ship is protected.

– I don’t pay too much attention to maneuverability and swiftness: a heavier ship with tons of shields and weapons is always a better choice!

– Finally, learn from the enemy ships you’re facing. Those who beat you – see what they’re doing right and try to guess their weapons and items used and try to replicate their designs in order to copy their success too.

For some premium currency, you can buy Modifications to your ship which basically give you extra modules for building. Although these are extremely useful, remember that you will progress through the levels relatively fast early on and all the early models will become obsolete, even with modifications included.

So my recommendation is to first gather enough Celestium to unlock the third ship spot in the game, and only afterwards think about buying Modifications. The best place to start is with the level 7 ship, The Raven – then add modifications whenever you get to a ship design that’s extremely powerful.

The Fleet Arena
Once you unlock this feature in the game, you can spend some money to make money. Always take advantage of the Fleet Arena and try to keep your fleet at maximum numbers. Filling it with the best ships available is an option (but it’s expensive), so my recommendation is to have some variety.

Try to add at least 2-3 ships of your highest level, then divide the rest between the previous two level ships. This should work in most cases and you’ll return victorious with little damage suffered.

These would be, for now, our tips and tricks for fellow Space Arena: Build & Fight players. If you have more strategy advice, don’t hesitate to let us know by posting a comment below. Also, don’t forget to check back soon for our extended guide to building ships in Space Arena for mobile.


    • You can’t but when you buy another craft it overwrites the one you sellected last. So make sure its your lowest lvl ship before you get another. So keep your squad topped up with the best ships and not get rid of one of your best like I did lol

    • Give the Raven good mobility (2 basic engines, when you have the upgraded modules 4) and enough energy, 2 rockets, 2 chainguns, a shield and protect weapons and energy with plating, fill up with small lasers.
      The drones get a small laser and a small ballistic weapon, a small engine. fill up with solar plating.

      That build helped me beat most of the ships in my class, in lucky cases some stronger ships aswell.
      Experiment around that, its a very rounded setup.

    • Ravens suck. A good raven build can get destroyed by an average dart build. Join the discord I learned a lot there. This guide is mostly crap. In the level you are at rn follow this guide but late game discord is ur friend

  1. How does the armor work? Does it add up as a whole? Or only where you place the tile? Do weapons have armor? Does it add to overall armor or just it’s self ?

  2. Since installing components seems to be free, is there any reason not to accept offers to buy your ship design? All you have to do is just reinstall the components, right?

  3. Some more useful tips are:

    – Try to be armored from nearly all sides. This makes you more resistent against lasers. This is really important to survive most fights!
    – 1-2 repair kits for bigger ships is a must have.
    – Rockets work really fine while supported from guns. Guns penetrates the shields much more quickly and the rockets can devastate only when shields are down. Be careful, the anti-rocket tool is strong!
    – Torpedos > Missiles!
    – With a full laser ship you can destroy just weak armored ships really fast. 70% of shipdesigns i saw are really weak against laser.
    – The biggest gun isnt allways the best choise. Little weapons like the common laser (tier3) are really strong and much easier to place in most ships. Look for the stats of most weapons. Tier2-3 weapons are allways stronger then the common version!

  4. I have a rank of 317 but every time I win my rank flashes red like I’m losing rank. I have yet to face an opponent that is even in the 300 range. Am I missing something lvl21

  5. A great trick is to put all of the reacrers in the middle of the ship/away from the edges. This way the enemy has to go through the whole ship if they are gonna blow up your reacters. Another great building technique mostly for larger ships is to put armour on any outside slot. It takes up lots of building space but is worth it.

  6. I have searched for games to build space stations and defend am and spaceships and fly then fight them or with them looking forward for an updated game of this type. PS I love this game it could be better it’ll do for now thank you Brian Chambers Predator 67


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