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Song of the Prairie Switch Release Date & Everything You Need to Know

Song of the Prairie Switch Release Date & Everything You Need to Know
Screenshot from the official game trailer.

We all love a good combat RPG with a long story that ends with the defeat of the wicked villain, but did you ever wonder what a hero’s life is like after the adventure? Spoiler alert: pretty ordinary according to Song of the Prairie, one of the newest farming simulators to hit the world of gaming. However, ordinary life doesn’t mean a boring life, so let’s learn more about it. This is everything you need to know about Song of the Prairie.

The Story Of Song Of The Prairie

The game begins like most others of its kind, you come to a land that’s been neglected for some time. Your job is to develop the town into the amazing place you know it can be, especially with some outside help. That’s right, the land the town sits on has its own little secret – it’s one of the last places in the world where the Goddess’s magic still works. As a result, everything that grows, lives, and happens here is just a little more special.

Careers In Song Of The Prairie

When starting out, you will have the option to choose between character models that have different strengths and weaknesses. Depending on what you plan to do, you can use someone better at fishing or better at developing crops.

Farm Life In Song Of The Prairie

You can grow crops, fish, and raise animals for money and resources. How it’s unique here though is that the developer has made a point of making all the gameplay well very detailed. The animations are stunningly gorgeous, with the crops coming in various stages. It has the feel of a traditional relaxed farming game but with special fantasy elements. Some crops need to be unlocked after completing certain quests or when you reach crop shipping milestones.

Animals In Song Of The Prairie

A sheep in Song of the Prairie.
Screenshot from the official game trailer.

Animals aren’t left out of the party either. Those who were hoping to see something different are in luck. Besides your traditional sheep and cows, you can raise crabs that produce mushrooms, lizard-like beasts that produce seeds, and pigs that make land on the farm. The cows can make different kinds of fruit milk depending on what you feed them while sheep can produce a special wool if they get struck by lightning.

Villagers In Song Of The Prairie

A character in Song of the Prairie.
Screenshot from the official game trailer.

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You won’t be building alone. The people in town are pretty involved with the day-to-day operations, several having businesses of their own like Golden Ranch, Blacksmith Shop, and the General Store. They are also connected to what you do, coming with the ability to respond to your in-game decisions. You can also prank and throw rocks at them if they annoy you, but you probably shouldn’t. You can of course get married and there are plenty of available people in town for you to choose and woo.

Decorations In Song Of The Prairie

Customization is a huge component in Song of the Prairie. You can make your character just the way you want, change their appearance whenever you like, as well as craft, and place decorations on your farm. All in all, there’s a ton of content available to check out in the early access version.

When the full one is released, there will likely be more animals, more crops, and more quests to complete. If you want to purchase the early access version on Steam, the developers seemingly respond quickly to feedback if you find any bugs or have opinions on how to improve the game.

Song Of The Prairie Switch Release Date

Right now, Song of the Prairie is only available on PC. According to the developer’s Kickstarter page, it will be available on the Nintendo Switch and other consoles in the future during development. If you want to keep up with their updates, be sure to check the page periodically. And follow us at Touch Tap Play as we cover content in the game!

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Song of the Prairie Switch Release Date & Everything You Need to Know