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All Song of the Prairie Characters

All Song of the Prairie Characters
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Even heroes need a break from defeating demons and what is better for relaxation than jumping into a new life in the country? Take your hero on a journey around the town, experiencing the full rural life and meet every townsperson and neighbor… Maybe even take one on a date. Let’s explore who we can meet, who we can date, and who else there is living around the farm in Song of the Prairie.

Characters to Meet in Song of the Prairie

Characters can be split into four basic categories: Townspeople, Helpers, Bachelors, Bachelorettes. The Bachelors and Bachelorettes are the folk you can try to develop relationships with, give gifts, and date romantically. Up to 10 Helpers can be hired to help around the farm because animal husbandry and crop farming are tough jobs to do alone! Townspeople are nice folk who greet you when you arrive such as the Mayor or the Priest. Each of these, other than Helpers, can be given gifts to boost your relationship.

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NameJobGift Preference
CarowHairstylistTears of the Goddess, Blue Lycoris Radiata, Nectar Drink
DuOrchard OwnerGreen Rose, Eggs
HuanDoctorFive Star Special Water Noodles, White Orchid, Clear Broth
JinPiggy Express OwnerChampagne Rose, Shining Cactus Pulp
KrocMinerRed Lycoris, Radiata, Golden Burger, Fruit Drinks
LindeFishermanRed Purple Rose, Red Rose, Fish, Sweet Fish Soup, Shells, Night Blue Starfish
MaudShipment CollectorGold Sunflower, Yellow Peony, Sunflower
MoSuRanch WorkerBlue Rose, Pineapple, Grilled Fish, Sweet Fish Soup
PoerBuilderAncient Sacred Wood, Purple Orchid
RhodeRanch OwnerDiamond, Purple Peony, Gems
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NameJobGift Preference
AbbyWoodcutterYellow Tulip, Fish, Pumpkin
AmyGardenerFlowers, Cherry Drink
BeckyOwn the AviaryDiamond, Orange Tulip, Gems
FreyaBookstore OwnerPurple Rose, Sweet Fruit Soup, Golden Sweet Fruit Soup, White/Red/Purple Rose
HassurAviary WorkerGolden Watermelon, Yellow Rose, Sweetberry, Banana, Cactus Pulp, Watermelon, Durian
JiYueRestaurant OwnerSteamed Pork with Rice Flour, Green Peony, Sweetberry/Cherry/Peach/Nectar Drink
LivNurseGhost Pepper Chilli Sauce, Golden Pepper, Red Orchid, Pepper
LoriGeneral Store OwnerSweetberry Cake, Pink Rose, Fruit
PaulineFurniture Store OwnerOrange Peony, Milk
SakonaBlacksmithDiamond, Orange Lycoris, Radiata
TuyaaTailorRed Peony, Ruby, Pepper, Tomato
WallisTown SecretaryWhite Peony
Image via The Droplet Studio


NameJobGift Preference
HartMayorWhite Rose, Egg, Milk, Cheese
TegxPriestGreen Rose


God of CookeryWorker/Chef

As Song of the Prairie comes out of early access there may be more characters to meet, but until then those are all of the people in and around the town!

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All Song of the Prairie Characters