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Song of the Prairie Dating Guide

Song of the Prairie Dating Guide
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After a long life devoted to defeating demons, a new life in the farm beckons, and of course no dream life would be complete without a blossoming romance. In Song of the Prairie, you can gain some wonderful friendships and even date and fall in love with many of the characters who live alongside you. Let’s explore who you can date and how to get the most out of your time out together in our Song of the Prairie dating guide.

How to Date People in Song of the Prairie

Out of all of the characters in Song of the Prairie, you can go on dates with 15 of them. To get to the dating stage your character must first build the relationship with the other person which can then develop into Best Friend and/or Love. Not every character will want to date you, however, as four of them have strict gender preferences. These are the characters you can date:

  • Du (only dates female characters)
  • Huan (only dates female characters)
  • Kroc (only dates female characters)
  • Linde (only dates female characters)
  • Poer
  • Rhode
  • Abby
  • Becky
  • Freya
  • Jiyue
  • Liv
  • Lori
  • Pauline
  • Sakona
  • Wallis

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You start each relationship as Strangers and have to get Friendship Points (FP) to get to the next level. Gain these points by talking to them, interacting with them, and giving them Gifts. Each person has gifts they love (Best Gifts +50 FP), gifts they like (Liked Gifts +15 FP) and gifts that they will hate and removes FP (Dislike Gift -15 FP). You can find all of their preferred gifts in our character guide.

Each relationship stage needs a different amount of FP to get to the next one:

Friendship StageFP Needed to Progress
Stranger15 FP
Acquaintance150 FP
Friendly350 FP
Favor1000 FP
Friend1500 FP
Best Friend/Love3000 FP to fill bar

Going on the perfect date in Song of the Prairie

When you reach the Friend stage and want to take it further you can ask them out on a date. They can also confess their love to you, and this usually happens at Best Friend stage. You can date multiple people, and date others while being in the Love stage with someone. It is also possible to be in the Love stage with multiple characters, but you can only be planning a date with one person at a time.

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Once you have plucked up the courage to ask your crush out on a date and they accept, they will say to meet them at 10am the next day at the statue. They spawn at the statue at around 10:20am so don’t worry if they aren’t there on time- they haven’t stood you up! If you decide not to go and meet them, however, and the time gets to 1pm then the date will be canceled. You won’t be able to ask them out again until three days later.

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During a date you should try to achieve at least three activities to get the most out of the date and gain as many Friendship Points as you can. It is important to pick the right place, do all available activities, and order the right food to get the maximum FP (860 FP). Check out the table below to see the best location and food combinations for each character.

DuSpring LakeMeat Kebab
HuanGardenClear Broth Noodles
KrocSleeping HillMeat Kebab
LindeGardenSteamed Silver Salmon
PoerMeadowLife and Death
RhodeSleeping HillSpicy Boiled Fish
AbbyMushroom HouseLife and Death
BeckyMeadowRoyal Fish Soup
FreyaSpring LakeMeat Kebab
JiyueMushroom HousePhoenix Tail Puff
LivSpring LakeSweetberry Cake
LoriGardenSweetberry Cake
PaulineMeadowSweetberry Cake
SakonaSleeping HillSteamed Dumplings
WallisMushroom HouseLife and Death

After the date you will also get the chance to gain more FP for more intimate things like holding hands (15 FP), hugging (40 FP), carrying or being carried (70 FP), and kissing (120 FP) Kissing is only unlocked after reaching Best Friend stage, and each action gives more intimacy action points the higher stage you are.

A successful date will end after you have eaten together, or you are free to just leave and take your FP with you now that you have explored the world of dating in Song of the Prairie.

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Song of the Prairie Dating Guide