Armor Games have recently launched the brilliant Soda Dungeon game on the App Store, challenging us to recruit heroes and send them deep inside dangerous dungeons to bring us the best possible loot. A highly addictive game that can be challenging at times, this is certainly one to keep installed on your device for a long time. And maybe some help won’t do any harm, so we’re here to share with you a bunch of Soda Dungeon cheats and tips: a complete strategy guide for you to beat all the monsters and recruit the best possible team.

So let’s not waste any second! Let’s check out below Touch, Tap, Play’s Soda Dungeon tips and cheats!

1. Buy your heroes first!
It happened to me early on to purchase upgrades and then run out of money for hiring enough heroes to fill up the team – and it’s not fun at all! So make sure that you always start by hiring the heroes first and only after everything’s ready, start purchasing upgrades.

2. Don’t overuse the wizard
The wizard is good in terms of time-saving, but bad on your earnings. I would recommend to skip using the warp skill of the wizard and start as early as possible in the dungeons to maximize earnings. If you start on a high level, you will get a lot less in terms of coins so only do it when your only goal is to progress through the dungeons and you have a really good team for that.

3. Wait for a good team for the Arena
When you have a really good selection of fighters available to be recruited (you only need three!), head over to the arena. Don’t go if you don’t have a really good team: you will lose. You can get a nice loot from the arena in a relatively short period of time, but don’t forget that your fighters will leave afterwards, so always make sure that it’s cost-effective.

4. Always risk it at the doors
It is true that you will often get all sorts of bad experiences when dealing with the multiple choices, but it’s usually worth the risk: if you manage to hit the Jackpot, you can win a ton of coins, rare items and so on. So it’s worth it!

5. How to get the best possible team
There is a nice trick you can try to get an amazing team of heroes: get the best available ones in your team, then use the bed to refresh the heroes. This way, you can select the best of the best and do a lot better in the dungeons.

6. Invest in VIP items
The VIP items are very expensive, but many of them are extremely useful. Invest in the sodas and decorations first, then make sure to focus on the VIP items to really boost your stats and increase your chances in the dungeons.

7. Take advantage of your healers and healing potions
Healing your characters is extremely important in Soda Dungeon, so make sure you take advantage of it as soon as you have the chance: get at least one healer with you and try to give them the best equipment in the the game. Also, I would suggest to take the healing potions instead of anything else to boost your health when needed. Playing it smart when there are just a few enemies left will help you live a lot longer in the game.

8. Be smart in the dungeons
It’s worth to take the stone that shows you the health of your opponents a few times and remember those stats – they never change. Then be smart when fighting: know the health meters of the enemies and attack them accordingly: try to take out as many with as few attacks as possible. Take out those who poison/burn you first in order to reduce the chances of being dealt increased damage, and focus on taking them out one by one. Also know your heroes, the damage they deal and how they can be the most useful for the team: if there’s just one enemy left, for example, with just a bit of health, it’s a good idea to use your first four-five characters to heal and deal the final, fatal blow with the other. This way, you maximize your health.

Also, I’ve noticed that if you use the Shield option, enemies tend to attack the shielded hero more often than not, so try to use it as a strategy to build a tank, have him or her take dame, then easily heal with the healer or stones.

9. Take a look at your equipment
Although the auto equip function will usually work great, it’s best to look at the equipment and make sure that the best options are selected. Sometimes, the most useful are not the most powerful items: know how useful they are based on the stats and how much they help in battle. A good idea to automate the process is to get the VIP option that allows you to select particular sets of equipment based on the class of your heroes – this way, they will always wear the equipment that you want them to (but make sure you check that often too since new items might appear!)

These would be for now our Soda Dungeon tips and tricks. If you have more strategies to share with us, let us know by commenting below!

Update: We’ve just published some tips & tricks for advanced players, answering questions related to the Portal, essence and much more so make sure to check them out as well!

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  1. 3x dark mage 1x Knight 1x rogue cakewalk especially after warior dimensions. At 50,000 dungeon still going strong apx 14 caps / hour normally more but game likes to autocrat.

    Suggested equipDarkmage
    Gold armor magic staff gold shield
    ( anti magic potion 1mp skull use)
    (Hero blood * can’t be confused)
    Knight full gold gear magnet
    Thief full gold gear.

    Spend your cash to unlock faster progress 500mil
    Then literally just auto spend relic points
    100% str/darkmage/magic damage % equally
    20% gold hp

    Hope this helps


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