Sniper Assassin: Shoot to Kill Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide


Soon after the launch of Contract Killer, we have a new sniping game on the iOS store, and it’s just as nice and challenging. Sniper Assassin: Shoot to Kill is a bit more difficult due to its tilting controls, but we’re not here to complain! We’re here to share with you a complete set of Sniper Assassin: Shoot to Kill cheats and tips that will hopefully help you get as far as possible and take out as many bad guys as fast as possible.

So if you can’t get past a mission or you simply want to improve your game, check out our Sniper Assassin: Shoot to Kill cheats and tips and hopefully things will get better!

Time lapse cheat
If you don’t want to wait for your energy to refill, there’s a quick cheat that will help you out: quit the game and go to your device’s settings, then set the time forward 60 minutes. Get back to the game and you’ll have some extra energy to take on the missions.

Upgrade constantly
Whenever you upgrade your weapon, make sure that you do it by upgrading the recommended areas. The missions will have specific requirements for your weapon in terms of stats and the game automatically guides you to upgrade the weapon to meet these requirements. So don’t do a freestyle type of upgrade, always follow the recommended ones!

Focus on getting as many headshots as possible because each headshot gives you some extra coins and as you probably know already, everything is extremely expensive in the game, so every extra bit helps. You won’t be able to get all headshots in all missions, but where you can – go for it and nothing else!

Play on an iPhone
If you can choose between playing on an iPad and iPhone, go for the latter as it’s a lot easier to control your aim and shoot. The tilting control mechanisms complicate things a little bit and the iPad is bulky and bigger, making things even more complicated.

Grind the Wanted missions
Don’t rush through the game, even though you can, especially early on. Instead, do as many Wanted missions as possible. This way, you get a ton of extra money which can be spent on upgrades. Don’t go in missions with minimum requirements, go with a top weapon for an even easier job. So grind the Wanted missions, make money, buy upgrades and then cruise through the regular quests!

Be patient
And wait for the right moment to shoot. There are some missions that make things very difficult for you by mixing in civilians or hard to reach angles. Wait for the perfect moment to shoot – you don’t want to do it when there’s a civilian too close to your target, or you will shoot them down too. Sometimes, some missions will require you to replay them: make sure that you remember the routes and behavior of your target(s) and wait for the perfect shot, at the right moment.

These would be our Sniper Assassin: Shoot to Kill tips and cheats for the moment. If you have other suggestions, let us know by commenting below!

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Sniper Assassin: Shoot to Kill Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. I have purchased all the items in store but there is a slight problem in some cases when we try to aim it says take the wind into consideration when zooming how can we deal with this.


    • stability doesn’t effect on wind… make your aim according to the wind strength and direction, for exp; it says the wind +20 mph, then make your aim slightly to the left (there’s a scale on your scope, adjust it on the x axis). And dont forget the distance displayed at the bottom which required you to aim a bit higher (again there’s a scale when you use your scope, adjust it on the y axis)

    • You slightly adjust your rifle from the target. For example if it tells you -20 on the scope slightly tilt your gun on the right of the target and then pull the trigger.

  2. When you aim you go with your scope on the other axis too – it has on it not distance but power of the wind usually plus 40 or 60 so the target must be at the intersection of these 2 axis when you aim.

  3. I completely maxed out my upgrades on my sniper rifle, I was playing the daily challenge and it gave me some wonky assault rifle. But When I want to play the Wanted Criminals I still have that assault rifle! How do I get my maxed out sniper rifle back ?? Thanks for tips

  4. i have problems shooting at the right distance marker im not sure how to line up the shot the mission im stuck on is line em up any help would be great

  5. Al Vahdeco Primary 21/40
    If criminal character appear as some times they don’t, only 4 appear then random shots out of thin air. Killing me but the I’d no character visible. No this is not me whining for getting shot the criminal does not appear. It is a bug but I don’t know who to push it to ?

  6. Fun game but there is a bug in a couple of missions. Also after about level 3 the missions require guns that cost a tone of diamonds baiting you to buy them. pretty cheesy. The game isnt that good.

  7. I am playing porter heights mission 5 (speed) . The problem is that whitout zooming i cant fire with rifle . secondly if i zoom , the target disappears from sight . The worst part is that my rifle does not moves properly in targets direction . please help .

    • Hey man, how the hell do you get a shot on one of the second of two side guys in Ketrzville Spec ops #2 ? I can get 2 of the 3 but always just go by the 3d too quickly & can’t turn around? Done it an absolute ton of times. Tried slo mo & precision power ups & still just fly by too quick??

  8. I’m maxed out as well. I am still getting diamonds though. I play the level Al Vadeko (prison break) and get a diamond for each round. I bought all the pistols and shotguns and I’m only short a few sniper and assault rifles. Once I get enough diamonds to buy I’ll spend coins to max out upgrades. Gives me something to do while waiting for the next level/town.

  9. I’m in al vadeko playing the spec ops leven 1, i only see 3 targets and cant find the other targets, went through all the buildings..any help will be much appreciated

  10. Right now I’m playing Christmas event 18/30 I’m not able to kill the grinch even though I point exactly please any friends letme know as soon as possible.
    Thank you

  11. Martinville level 24, the car never pulls up the guy never gets out, waited 10 minutes, it’s not even the same scene on the YouTube tutorial I watched, what the heck.

  12. Those of u who have finished the game. Can u pls tell us what is going on with martinville 24? A lot of us can’t find the freaking black suv or any guy getting out of a car for that matter. I have tried 35 times now. Just don’t see it


  13. I’m playing this game but their is no sniper rifle that can complete the spec ops mission it is ether stable enough or can shoot far enough what sniper can do this

  14. I am having the same problem with 24/40. I’ve seen the online walkthroughs and my mission looks totally different. I am looking across a body of water and I can only swing my gun between two streets … one on the far left, and one on the far right. Nobody ever seems to show up. I’ve put the phone down and left it for 5 or 6 minutes and nothing happens. Nobody kills me and apparently the bad guy never shows up. Anyone else have this problem?

  15. In Jandsburg 4/5 Spec Ops, doesn’t matter if I max out all my upgrades, even on a level 5 sniper rifle, it doesn’t meet the minimum requirements!!! Please help.

  16. Anyone have any help for Adami Island Primary 4/40 Casino Robbery.
    Even if I use all three of the upgrades I do not seem to come close to winning.

  17. I was a huge fan of this game. Was being the operative word. First, I take issue with the fact that they have the audacity to try and charge $100 f*cking dollars for in-app purchases to expedite weapons upgrades. And you have to buy the $100 package to get anywhere, otherwise you’re just wasting your money. Secondly, and my main gripe, is that Fun Games for Free (publisher) hates you, me and everyone else. If they didn’t, they would have actually made a game that doesn’t take pleasure in sodomizing you after hours of head shot missions to upgrade a weapon in order to complete special ops missions to move to the next territory. I have 1 special ops mission left in Martinville and have literally done 1,292 head shot missions, exclusive of daily missions, to upgrade my M200 to the specs required to start the mission. I “maxed out” my upgrades 0.3% short of the stability I needed to move on. Moreover, this happened to me before with upgrading the M107 and the AW50 PDR. I chose the M200 because it had the highest attributes of any sniper rifle available and figured it was the last gun I’d need to beat the game. However, after looking at other available sniper weapons, there aren’t any that will meet the requirements to start the last spec ops missions. I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no Gabe’s Crossing, and they prey on suckers to pony up a C-note KNOWING the game is “unbeatable” or otherwise a waste of money. And I bet their intent is to prey on the kids who download this app (regardless of their +17 disclaimer) who don’t understand what it really means to charge mommy or daddy $100 because they just have to keep trying to move on in the game. Why else would they charge $100? No reasonable adult would ever pay that when the app itself is free. There is an argument to be made there. And possibly a cause of action. And I happen to be an attorney. Hmmmmm. In short, this game can go f*ck itself, and so can Fun Games for Free. I’ve tried to write them but can’t find any contact info. Don’t waste your time with anything they produce. I’m gonna do some research on class action lawsuits…

  18. Sorry but yes you have to actually check the numbers before you upgrade. The trick is to not upgrade anything unless you need to but like you I did max out a weapon and find it lacking but learned to check the numbers after that.

    I am sitting waiting for the newest region and have spent maybe $30 and none to upgrade weapons just to buy the helps for a few missions.

    I just do a few missions every day including daily mission and collect bonus . I will have maxed out the counter on dollars to buy new eapons for the new level.

  19. The mission jandsburg mission 11 self protection that i have does not match what is posted on the web. The sniper kills me every time without me spotting him. It’s very frustrating as the videos on you tube are not the same as i have on my phone. Any help?

  20. I have completed all the cities including the last Oliver Springs and eagerly awaiting next cities and levels. I have more than 1 billion points by this time now. All my weapons are absolutely ‘Maxed out’ on every aspect. Most of the guns which can be purchased using coins are purchased and upgraded fully. can someone have any idea when next city / levels will be launched by the game developers?

    • Were you able to acquire the last sniper rifle using coins? I’m just seeing a cost of a large number of diamonds. Without this rifle I don’t see how to complete Oliver Springs.

  21. I have unlocked Oliver Springs and somewhat I can’t download the level on my iPad Air. The download got stuck at 21MB out of 31MB. Any ideas on how to go about it?

    I have restarted the iPad severally, shut and restarted the app one too many times but I’m still stuck

  22. Nearly completed the available missions. All my weapons are maxed out. The exception is the sniper rifle. I have the second to last one. The very last one though requires a large number of diamonds to acquire. Given the very slow ways in which diamonds are acquired it could take years unless I make a purchase. Without this weapon the 3rd Spec Ops on Oliver Springs can’t be completed. Or am I overlooking something? Thanks!

  23. Been waiting almost 2 months for update. Just keep seeing helicopter and Coming Soon. Maxed out every weapon and have Omer $ 300 mil. Any idea when rest will come?

  24. Thanks Bart, that worked! Looks good for 4/5 and crosding my fingers for 5/5. Obviously I didn’t consider going back a bit when choosing a sniper rifle.

  25. John…don’t be in too big a hurry to complete Oliver Springs. Only one city to go and then you wait. I peek in every so often, play jail break and amass more $. Up to $350mil plus. Think this game might be a bust. I have already bought every weapon you can get with $ and upgraded to the max. Also play daily missions.

  26. Since the missions at Ahnselmann came on, I have reached level 97, played 60 daily missions, 724 prison breaks and completed 295 wanted shoots. Amassed a fortune of 1billion.When oh when will the next region arrive.

  27. Completed Spec Ops ANDY SHORES. The Aquatic pursuit 5/5 mission was a bit easier than what I had expected from a Spec Ops mission with the expensive Vintorez Tier12 sniper rifle.

    The 4th July mission are not worth the stress cos of the lowly Tier2 weapons being offered as gifts for completing the 30 missions.

    Now, just waiting on the next region as the coming soon indicates. But I will try making more coins (billions) to be able to buy the next batch of rifles that would be on offer by taking on headshots and daily missions for now.

  28. How can I solve the spec ops 1/5 in Andy Shores where I have to eliminate a huge group of criminals. The sniper is equipped with only one bullet and at the end when one of the criminals shoot me, the hint comes as to explode them all. I couldn’t find any explosive like barrel or mine or bomb nearby the shooters..
    Help me please….

  29. Let me ask “Max Tier” what does it mean ?
    I’m not able to start a Spec Ops mission due to this type of requirement. Please can anyone tell me what this is ?

  30. Be patient. Do the free missions until you have the money to upgrade. Look at your rifle specs compared to the mission requirements. I’m at level 62, with 800 million coins. I’m on Jefferson Plains waiting for next city to open. All this anI didn’t do ANY game purchases. Y’all just not patient and y’all not thinking

  31. I have completed Jefferson plains. When you launch new city? I’m eagerly waiting and even bored with only single daily mission. Atleast 10 daily missions should be there till you launch new city.
    Nice game waiting for your reply thanks team sniper shoot to kill guys!

  32. If you can trigger the Diamond ad glitch like I’ve done three times you can get as many diamonds as you want at the rate of about one a second, hit the two buttons as fast as you can in a hour you can have a couple thousand, I’ve got over 7 thousand now!!!

  33. Hi! I can not pass the lvl 19 (Claiming your head) distance marker problem, the target is to far. Not the same task what I found on youtube. Give me advice please. Ty

    • Max tier is your weapons tier, this is an new requirement came with the upgrade with the intention of making players buy every tier weapon (to find out which tier weapon you have go to weapons arsenal and its listed at the bottom name of every weapon)

      this requirement technically sucks for example I have a tier 13 weapon and the Max tier requirement is tier 11 meaning I cannot use my advanced weapon in need to downgrade my weapon to tier 11 or less

  34. I am really confused about wind dulirection and distancem

    If wind direction says -40, does it mean I align my shot with the -40 in my scope or on the +40?

    It keeps nagging me about distance and i dont know why. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Better you buy one good shot gun. Then the problem will silver. For sniper gun you need to consider the distance as well. Example

      -40 = left side shot
      + 40= right side shot.

      If the distance is 400, you need to aim and set gun for 400 and considering wind adjust the – 40 or +40.

  35. A friend of mine plays game as well a me. He is getting Zombie missions and some sort of world missions. I don’t get them on my phone. I’m stuck waiting for next city. Can someone explain how to get these missions as I can’t go any further in game.

  36. How to increase damage in rifle… Though my first rifle is full maxed… And now need new gun… What to do…? am in Porter height and first rifle max damage is 95 … And this map need 100+ .. Any help

    • You need to do the other extra missions to earn enough money to buy the bigger rifle.
      Tip,don’t waste money on pistols or shotguns,save mainly for rifles,do as many extra missions as you can stand,earning money to get the most powerful rifle,then the next missions are a breeze

    • Porter Heights,,do daily missions,shooting range and wharehouse over and over again until you earn enough to buy bigger,,,,do as many and all you can stand doing to get the coins

  37. I’ve finished all the levels,waiting for the new one to be released,ANYONE know when that might be?
    Question 2,, in World Ops how do I get the rifles that are only offered there..I’m maxed out on coins and I’ve got the necessary diamonds that it says I need,,,BUT I CANT SEEM TO BUY IT!

  38. Does anyone reply on this site,I’ve asked so many questions and haven’t got a single answer WTH
    IVE GOT ALL THE COINS I NEED,OVER 1,000 diamonds and I still can’t buy the damn rifle they say can only be gotten thru world Ops,,which I have been doing forever and still can’t buy the damn thing

  39. I’m at the 5th special ops in Gabes crossing. I have the SRS assault rifle it’s maxed out on the upgrades. I can’t buy the next higher gun until the next region with coins. Do i have to find a way to get a bunch of diamonds and buy a new gun that way? How do i beat it?

  40. Hi,time crisis (level 23)killed eleven shooters many time,some times the last one (bleeding)Mission failed,police being killed.Bull crap,cheating sob.

  41. Why I can’t pass Andy shores first level this is what d game show me always, You’ve been protecting this world for the long time, being assigned to more than 500 mission! That’s impressive! Celebrate this achievement by killing more than 500 enemies.

  42. i have purchased Arctic wp sniper it is now at its max upgrades. problem is with stabilty stand at 59.9 while third level of spec ops Line em,up needs 74 i need solution where is the problem

  43. I can’t get past a level, it keeps saying target too far shoot right distance marker! What do I do? Do I need to keep upgrading my weapons distance and stability ?


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