A new game in the Contract Killer series has been launched and it’s just as great as expected, but we’re not here to talk about that. Instead, we’ll try to help you get better at the game by sharing with you some Contract Killer: Sniper cheats and tips that can hopefully give you the ultimate strategy guide for the game and all the help you need to complete all the missions.

So if you’re having trouble getting the most out of the game, check out our Contract Killer: Sniper tips and cheats below!

1. Stay behind cover
Even though you will still get hit pretty often, if you stay behind cover you’ll receive less damage than being out in the air. So don’t forget to tap the button and get behind cover after shooting!

2. Check out all the targets
Some missions require you to eliminate a specific person, and it might just be one of the people lurking around, so you can complete a mission with a single shot. Even if that’s not the case, you should still check out all the guards to see their level and decide the order in which to take them out, as some are tougher opponents than overs. Which takes us too…

3. Eliminate your enemies in the right order
I would personally suggest to go for the most difficult first, since they can cause you most damage. Special forces and above, or higher level players, these are the ones you should start firing upon and take out most of their health with a well placed head shot. In other cases, when there’s a ton of enemies in an area, it’s better to take out the easy ones to reduce the number and then focus on the more difficult ones.

4. Head shots for best damage
It won’t always be easy to do it when under enemy fire, but you should give your best to try and get headshots, as they give you more damage and therefore get you rid of enemies faster.

5. Upgrade your base first
I know that you are tempted to spend those diamonds on weapon upgrades as soon as you have them, but you should instead focus on upgrading your base. a better defended base reduces the risk of you actually losing diamonds and gives you more storage and production, which can later on be used for all those sweet weapon upgrades. So focus on base upgrades at first and ignore all other missions.

6. Focus on PvP first
Which takes us to another important element: PvP battles. You gain diamonds from winning these levels, so you should focus on them early on: get enough to upgrade your base first, then move on to upgrade the weapons and then simply cruise through the missions with a top weapon.

7. Keep your weapons upgraded
After upgrading your base as much as possible, start working on those weapons: either using regular money or diamonds earned from PvP battles, start upgrading the base ones for better damage and stats and overall easier missions.

8. Take advantage of the free offers
Every now and then, Contract Killer: Sniper will give you a chance to earn some freebies by simply watching a video. Always say yes to these, as you can get free weapon upgrades or extra items that are extremely helpful.

9. Use the knives wisely
What I like the most about the knives is not the fact that you can take out enemies without alerting the guards, but the fact that you can take them out with a single shot. So in very difficult levels, it doesn’t hurt to target one or the most difficult to take out guard and one strike him out with a knife! Use them wisely, though, as you can only get them with premium currency.

These would be our tips and tricks for those playing Contract Killer: Sniper. Do you have anything to add? Let us know by commenting below!


  1. I just netralized the Russia zone and now the game wants me to buy the Tesla or the Heavy gun? Do I need to do that before I can proceed to next level?

    • is there any assault guns or sniper guns that you can purchase with in game money (free, no out of pocket) above the Mantis (assault gun) or Nighthawk (sniper gun)? I am level 60 and don’t seem to be able to go higher

  2. I’ve completed quite a lot of surveys to gain free gold and I’ve not received anything at all even though they were quite extensive, I’ve even emailed the company’s for ripping me off, glu can you help

  3. I agree with Darren, this game is a ripped off. No new zones to conquer, all they do is VIP event from Fridays to Sundays. Boring. Time to delete the app.

  4. Bad advise given here
    “Upgrade your base first” Best NOT to; you should upgrade weapon first
    “Focus on PvP first” Best NOT to; advance to level 35 and unlock the best weapons that can be bought for cash
    “Keep your weapons upgraded” Best NOT to it is less effort to advance to next levels and unlock much more powerful weapons that can be bought for cash

    Phase one Weapon:
    To advance quickly through this game; play campaign as much as possible and keep doing the open contracts in each of the open area over and over again to earn cash and advance to next level. Keep weapon upgrade to absolute minimum; only upgrade if you feel you can’t get to the next level fast enough (by repeatedly doing open contracts). When you reach level 8, 17, 25 and 35 you will unlock a more powerful weapon which can bought for cash. Simply buy each as soon as it is unlocked and advance even further in the campaign. When you get to level 35 and Buy SR-308 Rapier and Demon H17, upgrade them all the way

    Phase two PVP Matches:
    Upgrade base primarily to increase diamond production/storage capacity so upgrade these two all the way before upgrading defence. The aim is to have large enough capacity to upgrade the weapon unlocked and bought on level 35. When you decide to get next upgrade; keep the game running until you have achieved the upgrade and never close the game with a lot of diamonds in the vault.
    The 2nd aim is to keep the defence as low as possible to maximise attacks and grow a list of revenge buttons in the social tab. However like I said before never leave a lot of diamonds; to make sure you don’t attract powerful opponents. This will also keep your victory points low which is good because “find target” matches on this so you get weaker bases to attack.
    When playing PVP try “find target” only once and if found target is too strong don’t bother searching for another; simply look in the social tab and harvest (i.e. find revenge button that will give you the most amount of diamonds having base defence that you can easily manage). This way you can take back on average 10 times more diamonds that stolen.

  5. What is the problem with Fyber. Except the one gold videos every other offer seems phony. You end up in a non-ending loop of questions and won’t get the gold coins.

  6. I’m at level 190 and there are no mission’s other then the two how do i get new mission’s and get new trial guns for diamonds? Stuck.

  7. My offers do the same smh what you do is screen shoot the offers as you do them first page registration and completion send them in get paid when you wake up or hours later

  8. What are the open contracts and how to get them? Cause I am playing Contract Killer: Sniper for almost 3 months and I am level 7 but don’t know how to get an open contract please help me I wanna play atleast 1 open contract game.


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